Olympia Le-Tan Face Cotton Milk Box Bag

Is this Olympia Le-Tan milk box bag really a bag or just a plaything and a toy?

Olympia Le-Tan Face Cotton Milk Box Shoulder Bag

The product: Olympia Le-Tan Face Cotton Milk Box Bag

What it is: An Olympia Le-Tan shoulder bag fashioned in the shape of a milk carton

Hashtags: #shoulderbag #olympialetan #forzieri

A fashion blogger contemplates writing a post asking her readers if they would buy the Olympia Le-Tan Face Cotton Milk Box Bag that was being sold at Forzieri.com for $1,150.

She had just bitten off the nail on her left thumb. It was Saturday night and she was sitting at her PC trying to decide if to update her fashion blog or not. In the living room nearby her boyfriend was watching Predator on the TV. She heard some expletives and a ridiculous Jamaican accent that made her roll her eyes.

“Why am involved with a fifty-something year old again?” she wondered to herself.

It wasn’t even as if he had money. Not that she thought a man’s worth should be measured by the size of his bank account; but it sure would have been nice if her boyfriend was at least rich. Then she could pacify herself with that thought at those times when he was blasting the television while watching stupid movies. She would know that she was at least getting some Louboutin heels out of the deal.

After a while she put on her headphones and started listening to Taylor Swift while browsing the internet looking for fashion centered things to inspire a post idea. She ended up on Forzieri.com, and after a brief moment browsing through their bags collection, she came across me.

Olympia Le-Tan Face Cotton Milk Box Shoulder Bag

milk box bag - Olympia Le-Tan Face Cotton Milk Box Shoulder Bag

“This is cute,” she thought to herself, but there was a question mark forming in her mind. I was a cute bag, but was I a little too silly? What woman over the age of 13 could possibly get away with walking around with me slung over her shoulder? How could someone fit a bag like me into her outfit without it looking ridiculous? These were some of the questions that were coming to mind as she contemplated me.

I was interesting for sure. After all, she had looked through a few pages of the bags being sold at Forzieri.com and none had made her really stop to look. When she saw me she actually clicked through to read more. So there was no question she found me interesting; but it was my seeming lack of practicality that made her want to write a post about me on her blog. The title “Would you buy this Olympia Le-Tan Face Cotton Milk Box Bag?” came to mind.

She posed the question to herself. “Would I buy this bag?” she wondered. “It’s cute and all; but it’s essentially a toy. I can’t see how I would ever find use for this bag other than as a prop in photos. It would be great social media like-bait.”

Then she decided to Google “celebrity olympia le-tan milk box bag” to see if the bag had been seen being carried by any famous women. And she came across some pictures of Emma Roberts carrying a similar Olympia Le-Tan milk box bag. Emma clearly loved her Olympia Le-tan milk box bag because she was seen carrying it on more than one occasion.

Seeing the bag in use didn’t convince her that it would be a bag that would make sense for an ordinary woman to buy, however. She thought to herself, that for women like Emma Roberts buying playful bags was no problem. They had money. They could afford to spend $1,150 on a bag that existed just to be cute and quirky and serve no practical purpose. And there was nothing wrong with them buying a bag that was essentially a plaything. She believed all women should be able to cater to their inner little girl and keep their playful, youthful spirit alive.

As for her conclusion about me, her final thought was that I was cute, yes, but was I really a bag? That was the question.


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