Single gal Carly buys Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Carly is still having nightmares about being left at the altar by her fiancee Javier but she won't let that stop her from treating herself to new lingerie for her first post-Javier Valentine's Day

Nordstrom Valentines Day Lingerie shopping

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Whether you have someone in your life or not, you can still indulge yourself in some new Valentine’s Day lingerie and sleepwear from #Nordstrom. Lingerie doesn’t have be something you only wear to tease and please the opposite sex. Instead of waiting for that day when ‘he’ comes along and buys you lingerie so you can parade around in it for his enjoyment, buy yourself something nice at ( to parade around wearing for your own enjoyment.


Valentine's Day lingerie shop Nordstrom
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Carly buys Valentine’s Day Lingerie

It was early Monday morning. Carly had not too long gotten out of bed. She’d awoken from having a nightmare about being left at the altar by her fiance Javier. With one or two convoluted exceptions, the dream had played out pretty much the same way things had gone down in reality over a year ago. Javier had stopped suddenly in the middle of reciting his wows and whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry I can’t do this. I can’t marry you.” Then he’d turned and walked out of the church, his best friend (and two weeks later his wife) Gabriela running out after him.

Carly was still having nightmares about the experience, but she wasn’t crying anymore after waking up and remembering. The crying had stopped months ago. And the phase of waking up from the nightmares cursing him and his “true love” and wishing the jet on which they traveled between New York and Chile every week would crash into the Andes, that phase had passed too. She was now at the point where she could just take a deep breath, get out of bed, lay out her yoga mat on the floor, do some meditating, get up, take a shower and start her day. And that’s what she was doing when she came across an email from Nordstrom about Valentine’s Day Lingerie and sleepwear.

This was going to be Carly’s first Valentine’s Day since being left at the altar by her fiancee who had been her boyfriend for 2 years before he dumped her so he could marry his best friend and true love. She wasn’t sure how she was going to feel on the actual day of Valentine’s Day, but she knew that she did not want to feel the usual self pity that she used to feel before she’d met Javier. She’d had many lonely Valentine’s Day experiences pre-Javier and she was determined that this first post-Javier Valentine’s Day wasn’t going to be spent curled up in a ball on her bed crying and feeling sorry for herself.

When she saw the advertisement from Nordstrom about Valentine’s Day lingerie, it occurred to her that she should buy herself some lingerie and plan a fun night for herself sitting around in her lingerie surrounded by flowers and balloons and eating chocolates and Petits RICHART from Who ever said a person needed to have someone in their life to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

So Carly went to Nordstrom’s website to find some lingerie to buy and I was the first thing she saw on the page. I was being worn by a model in the featured picture. And Carly loved me instantaneously.

Chantelle Intimates Vendome Underwire Demi Bra
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She loved my color and my embroidered starbursts pattern. She loved the single sparkling rhinestone charm dangling at the center of the demi bra part of me. She loved the matching boyshorts with the smooth satin waistband and cheeky back fit. I was sexy but not in a trampy way; and I could be worn all year long. I wasn’t just made to be worn on Valentine’s Day for the purpose of seduction.

But she didn’t want to rush into buying me before looking at what else was available. So she spent a little time browsing through the other items. And she did find some other things she liked a lot. I wasn’t the only thing she purchased. And I don’t know if I will actually get selected to be the set she wears on Valentine’s Day. There’s still some time to go; but I think based on how long she stared at her body and the fact that she took more selfies wearing me after I and her other Valentine’s Day lingerie items arrived, that I have a pretty good chance of being chosen to be the lingerie in which she will parade around her apartment while eating chocolates and petits Richart come Sunday February 14th.




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