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Ode to my 2 year old black faux leather Quilted Satchel bag

I was reading that the bucket bag and the backpack are the happening styles for the upcoming fall season, and I was browsing some pictures of the top designer bucket bags and backpacks and thinking to myself that it would be nice to have the kind of life that would suit owning such an expensive bag. I’m excited for the possibilities ahead; but right now I don’t really need to own this Saint Laurent Rider Medium Bucket black leather shoulder bag–even though it would be an awesome replacement for the 2 year old black faux-leather Quilted Satchel bag that I bought from Newport News during their 2011 Black Friday sale.

Saint Laurent Rider Medium Bucket black leather shoulder bagtwo thousand one hundred fifty dollar price tag

Seller says…

Hedi Slimane shows his acute attention to detail with Saint Laurent’s practical ‘Rider’ bucket bag. Open the zipped sides to gain extra width and tote this black leather style from dawn to dusk – the tough hue is perfect with distressed denim

PRICE: $2,150.00Buy It!

It will be a while before I can afford the Saint Laurent bag or any other high end designer bag. I still maintain that no one “needs” these things and the prices are ridiculous; but that’s not going to stop me from buying a high end designer bag when I find myself in the position to be able to do it without incurring debt in the process or otherwise putting myself into some kind of financial hole. In the meantime I will continue to use the bag I’ve been using since I bought it two years ago.

newport news slouchy leather look quilted satchel bag

I believe the bag was originally about $60; but I purchased it at a discount. It has served me well for the last 2.5 years. It’s not the only bag I own but it’s the only bag I use. I think I did try at some point to mix things up as much as you can mix things up with 3 poor girl handbags, but I always quickly went back to the Newport News bag. I think it’s because the bag is more comfortable to carry. It’s big and roomy. It only has a couple of interior pockets and a small zip compartment but they are usually enough. It has two external compartments at the sides and one in the front. I’ve never had any situation of not having places to put things.

What’s usually in my bag

inside my bag monica august 14th 2014

You’ll usually find a book in my bag and/or a writing pad, at least one pen, my wallet that I’ve had for years, my 8-year old make-up bag, often an extra pair of sunglasses, my regular glasses, hand lotion and miscellaneous make-up items other than the ones in my make-up bag.

Some other bags for which I wouldn’t mind trading in my old Newport News black faux leather Quilted Satchel bag

Proenza Schouler Large leather bucket bagone thousand six hundred seventy eight dollar price tag

Seller says…

Urban street meets sophisticated chic. Proenza Schouler’s ‘Bucket Bag’ is the new “it” bag on the scene. Soft grainy leather gets a cool update with a leather drawstring top and silver-toned hardware. It’s the ultimate partner for city-chic looks.

PRICE: $1,678.00Buy It!

The description doesn’t say whether this bag has interior compartments or not. I probably wouldn’t buy it if it doesn’t have interior compartments. I guess people who can afford to buy high end designer bags aren’t so much concerned with functionality; but since the designer bag I eventually purchase will likely be the only designer bag I own I would hate to not be able to use it.

Fendi Peekaboo black leather tote bag

Fendi black leather Peekaboo tote bagthree thousand nine hundred fifty dollar price tag

Seller says…

A luxurious workhorse from Fendi: the ‘Peekaboo’ tote will haul all your daily essentials while keeping your style ladylike. The midnight blue hue will pair effortlessly with off-duty denim as well as tailoring, giving every ensemble an exquisite finishing touch.

PRICE: $3950Buy It!

Givenchy Antigona Small leather tote

Givenchy black leather Antigona tote bagtwo thousand six hundred forty dollar price tag

Seller says…

Givenchy’s ‘Antigona’ tote is the bag topping everyone’s wish list. Coveted for its tough, structured silhouette, this black textured-leather style is an achingly cool investment for seasons to come.

PRICE: $2,640.00 Buy It!

The Antigona has been on my wish list for a while. If I had the money I’d probably buy it in the red and nude colors in addition to the black. Maybe a grey as well.

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