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Katie Holmes strapless denim mini dress

So that explains it!

We were shocked to come across pictures of Katie Holmes wearing a super short strapless denim mini dress while out grocery shopping…

But it turns out she was on the set of a movie she’s currently filming. It was her character who was wearing the strapless denim mini dress that was so short you could see all up in Katie’s business.

For a minute there we thought Katie might have lost her mind. Not that there’s anything wrong with the outfit but it just wasn’t what we’re used to seeing on Katie.

The dress was pretty short, which is perfectly fine. Who says just because you’re a 36 year old mom you can’t wear a super short dress? But Katie has never seemed to be particularly brazen when it comes to her style choices. And this is dress you’d have to be bold and shameless to wear to do your grocery shopping.

So when we saw Katie bending over looking at plants, flashing her derriere for one and all to see, we were quite confounded.

Katie Holmes strapless denim mini dress 2
Images via Daily Mail

What the heck? What’s going on with Katie Holmes?

This was our immediate reaction.

We figured she just made a bad choice in selecting her outfit. She didn’t expect the dress to behave badly. Somehow she thought it would be possible to wear a super short, super tight dress to the grocery store and the dress would stay in place and not give her trouble when she had to reach up or bend lean forward.

But it turns out Katie was just filming a movie scene. It was the character she’s playing ( a single mom ) who was wearing the Topshop strapless denim mini dress. It’s not Katie going through an early mid-life crisis.

If you’re daring enough to wear Katie’s strapless denim mini dress, you can get it at TopShop.

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