JUS by Julie 3-Day Jus + Soup cleanse review interview with Charlene

jus by julie jus soup 3 day cleanse
jus by julie jus soup 3 day cleanse

My Fashion Wants: Aside from that you were invited by My Fashion Wants to participate in a team trial review, what was your reason for trying the JUS by Julie 3-Day Jus + Soup cleanse?

Charlene: I wanted to try to lose a quick 3 or so pounds.

My Fashion Wants: And were you successful in reaching that goal?

Charlene: Yes, I lost three pounds.

My Fashion Wants: You had a little mishap where you had to order the cleanse twice. What happened?

Charlene: The first time I ordered the item I was not at home when it came in and it sat in the box until the next day. So it was not refrigerated for about 20 hours. Then I waited an extra day before I started it. So nearly 48 hours had passed by the time I started the cleanse. When I did start, I noticed that the first soup looked a little frothy and was leaking. And when I opened the cover I noticed there was a lot of condensation. I had already had one of the juices and around the time I noticed the soup looked odd, I also started to get a little tummy ache. I thought it might be because the juice had bananas in it, but since the soup looked strange I decided to check with the JUS by Julie people to find out if the items were still usable after being left out of the fridge so long. They said the items were probably no longer good, so I had to throw them out and re-order.


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My Fashion Wants: Talk about your experience with the cleanse

Charlene: I was able to get through the cleanse on the first day. It was rough but I made it. On Day 2, Saturday, I went to a festival with my kids and I somehow managed to forget I was doing a cleanse long enough to eat off a bag of chips. But I resumed the cleanse once I realized what I had done. Day 3 was Sunday, and I really messed up on Day 3. Things started off well; but by about 4 o’clock I went and ate some fig bars. I tried to get back on track, and I was able to for the most part. But then I had to make dinner for the kids. And my will just wasn’t strong enough. I figured since I had already messed up I might as well just eat dinner. So I did.

In my defense, I tried the cleanse at a time when I had already been deprived of food for about a month. I hadn’t been eating normal amounts of food. And I had just started back eating. So when I started the cleanse, my mind was not on doing it. But I had already agreed and so I tried. But it didn’t quite work. Even so, I still lost 3 pounds.

My Fashion Wants: So would you ever try another JUS by Julie cleanse and would you recommend the cleanse to others?

Charlene: I would want to try another one yes. In fact I followed up about making another purchase but I can’t pay the full price right now so I’ll have to put it off for another time. And yes, I would recommend the cleanse. I liked the soups a lot. They reminded me of home (the Caribbean). The juices were good too. I liked the spicy pomegranate best.





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