JUS By Julie JUS + Soup 3 day cleanse review interview with Bryan

jus by julie jus soup 3 day cleanse

My Fashion Wants: So you recently tried a JUS By Julie JUS + Soup 3 day cleanse. What was your purpose for trying the cleanse?

Bryan: [I did a JUS by Julie 3 day juice cleanse earlier in the year] My experience with it last time — I remember feeling pretty good afterward. I had intended to do another one for a while; but time had gotten away from me. It’s always good to try to be as healthy as possible. So when I was asked by you (My Fashion Wants) if I wanted to participate in a team trial of the JUS By Julie JUS + Soup 3 day cleanse, I said yes.

My Fashion Wants: And how did the cleanse turn out for you the second time around?

Bryan: I don’t think it had that much of an impact to be honest.  It wasn’t like the first time. I didn’t feel as good at the end as I did the first time. I found it harder the second time around. Even though I did manage to complete it, I personally think that the 3-day JUS cleanse was easier to do than the 3-Day JUS + Soup.

My Fashion Wants: Can you elaborate on that?

Bryan: I went into this JUS + Soup cleanse expecting that it would be easier than the Juice cleanse I did earlier in the year. I figured that the soups would help to keep me from getting hungry. Well, I was hungrier doing the JUS + Soup cleanse than I was when all I had were just the juices. The soups weren’t more filling than the juices the way I had expected them to be, and they didn’t taste better than the juices. So for me, there wasn’t much of a trade off. I would have preferred to do the 3-Day Juice cleanse if I’d known that the JUS + Soup wasn’t really going add any value to the cleanse. Because I think with the JUS + Soup 3-day cleanse there was less to eat than with the first cleanse.

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My Fashion Wants: Were you hungry throughout the entire 3-days or only on some days?

Bryan: I was hungry throughout, but it was harder the first day. The last day was the easiest to get through but I was still hungry on that day as well.

My Fashion Wants: So it was torture then?

Bryan: No, I wouldn’t say it was torture. It was difficult. Anytime you want to eat but you’re consciously denying yourself the things you want to eat, it’s going to be hard to do that for 24 hours much less for 72 hours.  But I wouldn’t go so far to say it was torture.

My Fashion Wants: How would you describe the JUS by Julie juices and soups?

Bryan: The juices were good. I liked the juices. I didn’t so much love the soups. They were okay, and under the influence of hunger I might have acted like they were the best thing I’ve  ever tasted. But I probably wouldn’t want to do the soups if I ever tried another cleanse. I thought the soups weren’t very filling.

My Fashion Wants: Would you ever do another JUS by Julie cleanse?

In the midst of it I was sure that I would never ever do it again. But now that it’s behind me, I’d say yes, I would. But if I were to try another cleanse at any point, I wouldn’t do the same one (JUS By Julie JUS + Soup 3 day cleanse). It would have to be one that comes with more than 3 juices and 3 soups. I’d sooner do the first cleanse with the 6 juices (or was it 5?) and no soups. I do think it’s good to have the ability to switch between soups and juices, but I’m not convinced that this particular combination that I tried was the best way to do it.




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