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    Inspiring women over 50 Halle Berry
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    There are tens of thousands of inspiring women over 50…

    If you’re aging and people are trying to make you to feel like crap about it, I have some advice for you. Stop hanging around people who wholly embrace the mindset that aging is something to feel defeated and ashamed about. Because there are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of inspiring women over 50 who are busy living their best lives. And in some cases, they are thriving in ways they were not thriving when they were younger. Since we don’t know all these women, we’re compiling this list based on women in the public eye with world renowned names.

    Don’t get me wrong, aging is tough.

    Let no one of us aging persons pretend like these are not some of the most challenging years of our lives. Aging is tough, and not just because of the toll it takes on your appearance. It’s the hardest challenge of life–to keep up your spirit and your enthusiasm for being alive knowing you’re inching closer and closer to the end of your life day by day.


    Let's start with Halle Berry

    25 most inspiring women over 50
    This image is from Halle Berry's Instagram page posted February 7 2020 with the caption: "Welcome to an EXTRA special edition of #FitnessFriday!! For the last two years, you’ve showed up, showed out and shared this crazy fitness adventure with me and @peterleethomas! I’m so eternally grateful for you guys, and wanted to create something extra special to celebrate our two years together - I’m thrilled to announce my first EVER fitness collection, rē•spin by Halle Berry!! To introduce you to the collection, @peterleethomas and I will be doing back to back #PHITTalks using rē•spin pieces, and this week? We’re talking about the subject y’all can NOT stop asking about - Core work!! Check stories for more. Can’t wait to meet the collection?? Find it at @tjmaxx, @rossdressforless, @marshalls and @burlingtonstyle stores all over the U.S. - and don’t forget to tag #RespinByHalleBerry and show us what you find! Happy Friday ♥️" |

    It’s not because she made my happily married friend use the acronym ‘OMFG’ when he was mentioning her as an example of women over 50 who are still hot. Halle, along with all the other women on this list, inspires because she’s not out there promoting the youth is everything mentality. She knows her age. She owns her age and she’s showing the world everyday that how we feel comes down to the choices that we make at any age we happen to be. She’s out there reminding us that we have to love ourselves and take care of ourselves–take care of our body, mind and soul. And if the outside can look spectacular, great; but it’s not really about the outside and looking “hot”. It’s not about how many guys want to bang our lights out. It’s about how we feel about our ‘self’ –being able to feel good knowing we are doing our best to take the best care of ourselves inside and out.

    Jennifer Lopez

    Note: We promise there’s no intentional reason for using pictures of Halle and Jennifer that show off their figures in bathing suits. We’re not here to objectify these women or to suggest that their worth lies in the condition and shape of their bodies and the attractiveness of their faces

    Also note: We know that Jennifer would top many lists of the most inspiring women over 50. But keep in mind that our list isn’t a list of who is the most inspiring of the women on the list. We’re listing the women in no particular order of importance. They are all equally amazing, equally inspiring women.


    We would love to talk confidence, self love, courage, self-belief, stamina and endurance, drive and ambition and a million other topics with Madonna. She’s like a superhero. We love the caption on her embedded Instagram post.

    Goldie Hawn

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    Can I get down now? 💁🏼‍♀️⛰

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    Every woman over age 45 knows that nothing comes easy past that age. You know what they also know? Most of them also know that nothing comes easy at any age. Because they were once twenty-five, and sh*t was hard then too. And in fact, many didn’t bother to fight when they were twenty-five because it was easier to just blame everybody for everything that was wrong. But by the time you’re as grown as 45, you realize if you’re going to find happiness in life, you’re going to have to create it for yourself. And that usually means you’re going to have to push yourself harder and harder and harder for each decade older you get. When we see women in their seventies continue to push themselves to maintain their physical, mental and emotional well-being, how can we not be inspired?

    Lisa Nichols

    We discovered Lisa Nichols last year then re-discovered her again while doing research for this article. We stumbled across the above video and w were reminded of her amazing gift to inspire people to action designed at transforming their lives. The message in above video is a powerful message that is worthwhile to hear. If you’re intrigued to know more about Lisa, do some research to find out about her background–how she rose up from a place of significant hardship in life to become a celebrated multi-million-dollar earning motivational speaker.


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