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The power of accessories: A quick guide to accessorize like a stylist

Getting an invite from the office party is equally daunting as going on a trip with someone you hate. It becomes even worse if your dress sense sucks, and all the fashion divas surround you at the workplace (come on, man, I come to work and not to slay all the time).

But, darling, let me give you a reality check here, “Beautiful things get all the attention.”

A study carried out by the social selling skincare brand, Univia, discovered the critical insights about outlook-based discrimination, including the fact that women are more likely to fall victim to such discrimination.

And we couldn’t agree more. We all know or have been in such awful situations where we end up questioning our own worth.

However, with beauty, I never mean all those Barbie features and petite body. Beauty is how you groom yourself and dress or accessorize in a way that people can’t help but drop their jaws once they see you.

No matter how perfect features you have got that meet all the beauty standards, if you don’t know a thing about styling and dressing, you will be overlooked and struggle with a lack of self-confidence.

Self-confidence: Here is the kicker, I always emphasize styling and accessorizing to be the need of time because we all want to be at the peak.

Who doesn’t like to be all confident and gorgeous?

This is why we, women, take centuries to decide on a dress for a big party or date. And why shouldn’t we? After all, “Women who slay together, change the world.

So whenever you feel stuck, all you need to make your outfit look bomb are the right accessories – and, of course, some fashion sense to glace it all.

This means once you apply your inner ingenuity to this smart accessorizing formula, you will be slaying outfits like never before. To this end, I have some great tips that are sure to help you a push up in class and elegance:

Always accessorize a little

If you want to perk up an attire, always add at least one statement piece. It will do wonders and change your outfit from good to knockout. It could be wrapping a light, patterned scarf around the neck with the all-black dress, slipping a cuff bracelet on your wrist to change a sheath dress into cool, and not so classic.

There is no need to bother your neurons and think if that matches and works, when you choose just one, big accessory, such as a bib necklace.

Your wrists should never be naked

According to a style expert Bridgette Raes, wearing a set of bracelets makes a fashionable statement. Get yourself some multiple bracelets that are sold in sets, or awaken the creative soul in you and see what’s already in your jewelry box. You can creatively select some from your previously owned bracelet and rock the overall look.

Consider where you’re going.

The style books say today’s mantra of fashion and style is much more lenient than it was in the past. Even at work, it is now acceptable to show up in baubles during the day, though the workplace should be taken into account.

A chic yet sophisticated crystal necklace can be the perfect accessory for a day packed with meetings. However, carrying it to give yourself a closing trial argument is perhaps not a good idea—the shimmer will most likely distract rather than attract the people around you.

Warm weather is not an excuse not to accessorize

When you choose to wear attire with the demand of little to no jewelry, such as a fair isle with a large turtleneck, do something innovative with your shoes to upgrade your outfit. An excellent choice: suede wedges or short boots in some warm earthy hues such as olive, navy, or maroon.

Use color in small or large doses.

If you want to add some hint of drama to your outfit, take one bold-colored bangle and mix it with two black or two white ones. An arm covered with brightly colored bangles is fully committed to drama. Learn to tame the effects of bold colors both in your dress and accessories.

When you buy a new outfit, think about what type of accessories you should finish the outfit with.

The best trick to accessorize your outfit is right when you are trying it in the store. So don’t leave the store without addressing your accessory needs. If you think you already have something that can go with it, pair it as soon as you reach home.

When you ignore this step, you may eventually feel frustrated while wearing the outfit for some momentous occasion, and you feel what you thought would work, and it actually doesn’t go that way.

When in doubt, match your style.

Rule of thumb is that boho earrings look gorgeous with boho dresses. Traditional jewelry looks good with plain blouses and trousers. This doesn’t mean you can’t think out of the box and can’t step out of your predefined style of dressing. Every style rule can be tweaked and broken.

However, if you feel you aren’t sure about how you do that yourself, let your clothing style take the lead and direct you which accessories you can wear with them. You can mix multiple styles and make some fusion out of it, creating a visual masterpiece. But, be sure you don’t end up overdoing it. Certainly, overloading yourself with accessories when you are already wearing a red leather jacket can be a bit too much.

Pro tip: Instead of applying all these tips at once, stick to one. You will be amazed when you make progress and then choose second. In no time, you will start seeing all the great results. You won’t be able to help but feel overwhelmed and evoke a stylist in you.

Here’s a Style Challenge for you:

There you have it! All you have to do is to try and compile a before and after look, using the tips, I shared above. The before look should ideally be a day look and after should be an evening or night. Create these looks just by adding accessories to your attire. So are you ready for it? Let me know your experience in the comments below.

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