Can you wear floral prints in the fall?

Valentino silk floral print pre fall 15 collection

You probably don’t think flowers when you think of the autumn season. Blooming flowers are usually associated with Spring. So you might think that floral print clothing is only suitable to be worn in Spring and Summer. But the answer to the question “Can you wear floral prints in the fall?” is yes–you can wear floral prints in the fall.

Here are some examples of floral prints that would better suit the fall than they would Spring or Summer.

These items are from Valentino so they are pricey. The print is the same for all the items. A gorgeous floral print design on a black background. The print was designed by British textile designer and fashion designer Celia Birtwell and is inspired by Sandro Botticelli‘s dramatic “Primavera” painting.

Valentino jacquard coat and skirt outfitThe first item is this cute jacquard mini skirt. It’s described as a “girlish choice” which suggests it’s not a suitable choice for the over 30 crowd. You’re not supposed to be “girlish” if you’re over 30 right? People shake their head at you and call you ridiculous. We’re definitely over 30 but we’d still wear this skirt.

Valentino jacquard skirt Celia Birtwell print inspired by Sandro Botticelli Primavera paintingThe outfit we’ve imagined pairs the skirt with a black RED Valentino turtleneck sweater.

This look can work with ballerina flats, ankle boots, pumps, high heeled sandals. But we’ve selected a pair of VALENTINO Embellished Suede Knee Boots.

In case the temperature warrants a coat we’ve added the Valentino silk jacquard coat. The coat is made from the same print as the skirt; but we figure there are enough solid black pieces to balance it out.

Valentino jacquard coat Celia Birtwell print inspired by Sandro Botticelli Primavera paintingThe coat (and the skirt also) is made from 62% Polyester, 38% Silk. The price tag, as you can imagine, is high.

To complete the look we’ve chosen a VICTORIA BECKHAM Mini Satchel Leather Shoulder Bag and a pair of Dolce & Gabbana oversize sunglasses.

The look…

  • Valentino Jacquard mini skirt – $1690
  • RED Valentino black turtleneck – $315
  • Valentino silk jacquard coat – $5690
  • VALENTINO Embellished Suede Knee Boots – $2075
  • VICTORIA BECKHAM Mini Satchel Leather Shoulder Bag -$1995

So yeah, you can wear floral prints in the fall.

Here are some other Valentino items featuring the Celia Birtwell Sandro Botticelli’s “Primavera” inspired floral print. These are also floral prints you can wear in the fall season.

Valentino jacquard dress Celia Birtwell print inspired by Sandro Botticelli Primavera paintingVia – “Designed with print aficionado Celia Birtwell, this Valentino mini dress is blooming with a seventies-inspired floral design. Bright colors and a streamlined silhouette bring it up-to-date, with a chic bow at the neck to keep it feminine”

This dress comes with a $2,990 price tag. We think it would look great with a pair of stiletto heeled or block heeled black leather ankle boots. But with so many gorgeous colors in the floral print you’re not really limited to black shoes.

We envision wearing this dress with wine red burgundy semi-sheer stockings which we’ll match with a wine red bag. We’ll go with a black coat for outerwear and either black ankle boots or black knee high boots.

Prefer your skirts to fall below your knees?

Valentino printed silk midi skirt Celia Birtwell print inspired by Sandro Botticelli Primavera paintingIf you’re not one to wear short skirts, here’s a longer skirt in the same gorgeous print as the mini jacquard skirt.

It comes with a $2990 price tag.

Valentino printed silk midi skirt outfitWe’ve styled the skirt with a pink Karl Lagerfeld silk blouse, a black Ralph Lauren Black Label Wool-Cotton Talisa Coat, black Ralph Lauren Collection Leather Knee Boots, a black Fendi Micro Baguette Leather Shoulder Bag, Prada PR15QS Sunglasses and a Fendi 2 Jours Leather Bracelet.

To sum it up – the Celia Birtwell print used in these pieces from the Valentino pre fall 2015 collection are a great example of the type of floral print that works for fall.

You can wear floral prints in the fall but you should probably wear darker floral prints rather than floral prints that bring to mind spring and summer.

The featured items are available via

Ask the editor

What’s your favorite floral print item in your closet and would you wear it in the fall?

Editor’s Response: To be completely honest I have just 1 floral item in my closet (that I can think of) and it’s something I’ve only recently acquired. It’s a silk top that’s a very vibrant mix of greens, orange, pink, purple/lavender and I think it might also have some yellow but I can’t swear to that. Whether or not I would wear it in the fall would depend on if I could put a look together in which the top doesn’t loudly insist upon being noticed. Off the top of my head I can’t think of a way I would style it that would make it work. It’s just such a bold bright print. Maybe I could wear it with black jeans, a black coat and black knee high boots and pick a bag that matches one of the colors in the blouse. Or maybe just go with a black bag and let the blouse be the only colorful part of the ensemble. But then again that might cause the blouse to standout more. So maybe it would be necessary to have other bold colors to draw some of the attention away from the blouse. It could make for an interesting experiment to try to put a fall look together with it. Maybe I’ll work on that for an upcoming Monica’s Closet post.

Do you think something that’s made from 62% Polyester, 38% Silk should cost $5,690?

Editor’s Response: I think I’m at a point now where I accept the fact that things cost what they cost. I don’t get as righteously indignant as I used to. I realize that designer brand prices are only shocking to those of us who don’t have money because we’re looking at things from the perspective of our inability to afford them. Clothes don’t necessarily only cost what they do because of the material with which they are made. Yes, the material is factored into the pricing equation. Probably if the Valentino silk jacquard coat was made from 100% silk the price tag would be $15,690 instead of $5,690; but when you’re talking about designer labels, it could be made from brown ugly paper bags and still cost thousands. As long as there are enough people willing to pay the high prices why wouldn’t designers charge as much as they can reasonably get away with charging? Would you sell something for $20 if you knew you could get $2000 for it?


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