Let’s be honest, a girl needs a bit more stuff on a road trip than a regular guy. We have to take into consideration outfit changes, our nutritional habits and the fact that we might prefer sleeping in a comfortable bed rather than the car or a tent. A woman heading out on a road trip definitely needs to take into consideration the following tips in order to ensure complete safety and comfort from start to finish.

Let’s start with the car

carYou need to make sure you are driving a safe vehicle, especially for long road trips. At times gas station can be tens of miles apart and you might end up stranded and having to call roadside assistance. The best option is to take advice from our Australian girlfriends after all Australia has some of the best road trip routes in the world. So do as they do, instead of wasting time and taking their car to the mechanics and later on picking it up, Australian women opt to call a mobile mechanic in Sydney and have a professional come to their home and give their car a once-over. Of course, it is important to inform the mechanic that you are about to embark on a road trip so that they know what additional checks to perform to ensure absolute safety and readiness of your car to handle such a journey.  

On to packing

bagA safe road trip means that you need to pack smartly. That way everything is in its place and you can quickly and easily find your emergency kit, reach for the spare tire and have water at hand instead of diving for it. In case you are going on this road trip alone ensure that everything you need is at an arm’s length so that you don’t need to take your eyes off the road in order to get it, this is very important. In addition, keep all your money and documentation close by in case you need to exit your vehicle promptly. Finally, make sure that you don’t overpack, you need to have everything in sight from your rear car window to your rearview mirror, and you don’t want to look back and instead of the road see just a bunch of piled up bags, that can really endanger your whole driving experience.

Time to map out your route

tripPlease don’t wing it. We women are great at multitasking, but when it comes to road trips it is far better to have everything clearly planned out and marked. Start by deciding on your final destination and mark all the sights you want to check out in between. In case you love sleeping in a comfy bed plan your stops according to the accommodation options. Finally, make sure that you check all the gas stations and see if they are all working so that you know which way to go if something goes wrong. Don’t forget to write down all the important numbers, from the hotel numbers to roadside assistance. Finally, check the work hours of all the sights you want to see so that when you get there you don’t have to wait for hours until it opens.

Some last minute tips

girlsDon’t forget to create a great road trip playlist, something that will keep you positive and awake, and that you can sing to. The moment you feel tired it is time to stop and rest, have some coffee and see how much you have to go to the nearest determined stop. Don’t push yourself too hard. Safety should be your first priority on the road. We all want to cover as much road as possible and get to the first check point on our route, but if it looks like you are too tired to do so, stop, find the nearest rest stop or accommodation option and spend the night there. There is no rush, after all, this is your road trip.

So girls, there you have it, some easy to follow tips for safe driving and a great road trip. All that is left is to hit the road, get some wind in your hair, turn up the music and enjoy your route!


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