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Beyonce’s Azzedine Alaïa booties and Junya Watanabe Tweed Faux Leather Jacket

Beyonce continues to enjoy her dream life.

Isn’t it something the way life rewards you when you’re good looking? Not suggesting Beyonce hasn’t worked hard for what she has but being beautiful and having that killa body certainly made it all a little bit easier.

Saw some pictures of Beyonce wearing black leather shorts and high heeled lace-up ankle booties with a tweed and faux leather biker style jacket. She looked blissfully happy gorgeous sexy–all the good stuff. She was out and about in Beverly Hills with her husband Jay-Z. According to what I read they were having lunch.

Would love to get my hands on everything she’s wearing. Unfortunately I cannot afford a pair of Azzedine Alaïa lace-up ankle booties or a Junya Watanabe Tweed Faux Leather biker style jacket.

Inspired by outfit seen on Beyonce - 3 1 Phillip Lim short sleeve top - Junya Watanabe biker jacket - T By Alexander Wang slim fit shorts - Yves Saint Laurent black lace up boots - Marsell shoulder bag

This is not an exact duplicate of Beyonce’s outfit. The shorts are different. The t-shirt is different and the ankle boots aren’t her Azzedine Alaïa booties. The jacket is the same Junya Watanabe Tweed Faux Leather Jacket. You can find it at net-a-porter.com farfetch.com and brownfashion.com. The price runs as high as $1 632. Couldn’t find the Azzedine Alaïa booties; but did find the same boots in different color and they look to run as high as $2695.

By comparison the Yves Saint Laurent ankle boots are a bargain at $836.

The Junya Watanabe Tweed Faux Leather Jacket is hot though. Wish I had the kind of money that I could afford to buy it without having to care about the price. Too bad I had to be born ugly and talentless. Oh well. No point sitting here feeling sorry for myself especially not over material things. Surely my life has more value to me than the worth of my possessions. It had better have more value because if its worth is to be measured only in the sum total of my material possessions that would mean my life is completely worthless.

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