The Modern Girl’s Guide To Sporty Chic Look

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The sporty chic look, or luxe-sport trend, as some call it, has been one of the major trends that make a nice mix of comfort and style. In short, it includes combining sporty pieces of clothing like a baseball hat, sneakers or a varsity jacket with some chic details or clothes, for example, a little black dress, cropped top or leather trousers. If done right, it can be a perfect match of sport and style.

1. Be chic more than sporty

When wearing this style, it is very important to wear more chic pieces than the sporty ones. If you go overboard with the sporty pieces, you’ll look like you are on your way to the gym instead of going for a drink or a walk. For example, if you are wearing a plain sweater, then put on some booties and a chic leather skirt and the outfit is balanced.

2. Get a face cap

Face cap A face cap is a piece of clothing you can’t make mistake with. As black pants are a universal piece of clothing for an elegant style, then a face cap is a universal piece of clothing in sport style. It goes with almost everything you wear. It can be in regular black or any other color, including white or grey.

3. Dazzling sneakers

sneakers Regular sneakers won’t be enough if you are aiming at the sporty chic look. There has to be some bling in them. This can be solved by getting some studs or adding expensive looking stones than anyone who enjoys DIY can do in no time.

4. Form-fitting track pants

track pants

A slim fit is the right one to go with if you’re buying track pants. It will give you more flattering look, which is instantly more chic than sporty. The color can be of your own choosing, so you can’t go wrong there.

5. Shirts with crests or numbers

You need some sports details to make the style partially sporty. Shirts with numbers or crests will do it for you. If you don’t enjoy varsity jackets, this will be good enough instead. Find a simple sweater or a top with one of these details and you’ll get your sporty-chic look. If you want to up the outfit, try combining a black leather peplum skirt with it.

6. The right sweatshirt

sweatshirt A sweatshirt can be humble or flashy, depending on what effect you want to achieve. If you want a luxurious version, try out the floral print with peplum, you’ll love it! Of course, some love the sweatshirt to be simple so that it could be worn with almost anything. You can get really creative with the rest of the clothes and shoes: Get blue stretch leggings by KJ Brand, order a Richard Nicoll leather jacket, type “espadrille Australia” and search for just the right ones to create an incredible chic-sporty look! On the other hand, if you really prefer simplicity in general, then opt for a boy-cut sweatshirt and stick to what you know.

7. The black choker


This is the ultimate symbol of the 90’s! Many of us thought it will never be worn again, but boy, we were completely in a wrong! It’s always the best for it to be black but choose between the thinner and the thicker one (depending on which one will make your neck look longer).

8. The black leather jacket

black jacket The black leather jacket goes great with almost anything you decide to wear. It would be good if it is a vegan leather jacket, which is much more affordable and you save animals at the same time.

All in all

These couple of tips is just the tip of the iceberg. The more you experiment, the better you will know what suits you best. Just remember to really make it a good mix of the chic and the sporty.


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