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How can I stop being jealous of Kylie Jenner?

Q I’m jealous of Kylie Jenner. The thing is, I’m old enough to be her mother. Well, I’m a lot younger than her real mother but I’m still old enough that I could be her mother. Girls have babies at 16. So yeah, I could totally be her mother. Which probably means I’m pathetic to be jealous of her; but when I think how hard I work just to be able to afford to avoid eviction from my little shit apartment, and here is this 17 year old girl who just bought a 2 million dollar home. I don’t know why I’m specifically jealous of her and not necessarily of her sisters. I don’t hate her or anything. She seems like a nice girl but I’m jealous of her for some strange reason. How can I stop?

Re: How can I stop being jealous of Kylie Jenner?

A – There are a few different ways you can approach your effort to stop being jealous of Kylie Jenner (or of anyone else you might envy).

  1. You can try to convince yourself that your jealousy is really admiration – If you think about it, that’s exactly what jealousy is. It’s admiration that gets tainted by self pity. You wish you were in Kylie’s shoes. And who wouldn’t want to be as fortunate as the Jenner girls and their Kardashian sisters? So instead of processing what you feel as jealousy, process it as admiration.
  2. Use Kylie as inspiration to pursue the the things you want in life – Yes, Kylie Jenner is a lucky girl. She’s pretty. She’s rich. She’s famous. You might never have the kind of life that Kylie enjoys; but you can certainly create the life you want for yourself within your means. Kylie gets criticized a great deal for changing things about herself (most notably the size of her lips) and possibly other parts of her body. The lesson you can take from her there is that you’re not necessarily stuck with your lot in life. There’s plenty that you can change. Even your looks. So identify what aspects of Kylie’s life are possible for you to emulate and try to incorporate those things into your own life.
  3. Learn to love and appreciate yourself and to be happy with your life – When we love and appreciate ourselves and when we’re happy with our lives we don’t tend to get jealous of other people no matter who they are and what they have. We’re too busy living our life to the fullest to know what other people, even the rich and famous, are doing with theirs.

Image of Kylie Jenner Josh Park, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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