When your favorite fashion blogger disappears into thin air

This is a stock photo. The person in this photo has nothing to do with the article. This photo is for illustration only - Copyright: bialasiewicz / 123RF Stock Photo

Notice: This is a stock photo. The person in this photo has nothing to do with the article ‘When your favorite fashion blogger disappears into thin air’. This photo is for illustration only

There once was a fashion blogger named Katrina (fake name). She was a favorite fashion blogger for many thousands of people.

Katrina became a favorite fashion blogger for many people because she brought beauty, light, color and style inspiration to their lives. But she abruptly disappeared in 2015. And for every year since, many have been wondering and searching, trying to to find out what happened to her.

This is a stock photo. The person in this photo has nothing to do with the article. This photo is for illustration only – Copyright: bialasiewicz / 123RF Stock Photo

Fashion blogger Katrina appears to have disappeared from social media very abruptly a few years ago. She may well have simply chosen to leave the Internet world behind in order to focus on living her life in the real world. In which case who can fault her? The world of social media can be deeply damaging when you are an ordinary person who chooses to share your life with the entire world. Not everyone will like you. And sometimes, when people dislike you for one reason or another, instead of just ignoring you and tuning you out they hang around looking for any and every opportunity to shout their hatred at you. And if you are sensitive soul, just one person’s meanness can negate the kindness of ten thousand people. And it ceases to matter that you are the favorite fashion blogger of many. It starts to only matter that you are hated by a few. So if fashion blogger Katrina simply decided she did not like the toxic environment that social media so often becomes, and she wanted to disappear and never return to it again, it’s perfectly understandable.

But with so many fans showing her so much love, and appearing as she did to be a thoughtful individual, expressing once in an interview that she knows her fans are responsible for her success and she makes sure to be nice to them and treat them like friends, it’s hard to imagine Katrina not at least writing a message for her fans telling them that she was going to take a break from social media for a while. All of her social media pages stopped updating at the same time and with no indication that she was in any way conflicted about her love for fashion and her enjoyment of the process of sharing her style and fashion with her adoring fans. She just vanished. And all over her social media pages, her fans are asking “Where are you?” and, for all the concern shown, there has been no response from Katrina (not the blogger’s real name). There were comments on one of her pages, left by someone who presumably knows her, telling concerned fans that she was perfectly fine and happily pregnant. No doubt it provided some relief for those who were seriously concerned for her welfare. But then, years have since passed and still, her pages remain as they were left when she abruptly disappeared.

Is it simply that Katrina is busily and happily raising a family and has decided not to come back to the Internet, even just to write a note to her fans to tell them thank you and to explain her disappearance? Has she simply realized that being favorite mom, favorite friend, favorite girlfriend/wife, favorite daughter, favorite sister–that these things are far more important than being anyone’s favorite fashion blogger. And has she chosen real life over the social media alternate reality. And knowing she does not owe anyone the courtesy and consideration of providing an explanation for her disappearance, has she simply chosen not to provide one? It seems hard to imagine that she would not have at least posted a message explaining her choice to leave the social media life behind. Especially seeing that some of her fans are afraid that she might have come to some fatal harm or otherwise lost her life to illness or other circumstance. You would think that, if she is alive and well, she would take a moment to let her fans know that she is in fact okay. But she has not done this. So some of her fans continue to anguish over what might have happened, in some cases coming right out and asking what many are wondering. Did their favorite fashion blogger Katrina die?

There is something about being curious enough about this to go digging trying to find information on the whereabouts of someone who is not a real part of our lives. After all, why are we so concerned about someone we only know as a favorite fashion blogger? So little do we know about Katrina that we have no clue where to begin to try to solve the mystery of her disappearance. We do not know any of her friends or her family. So there’s no one we can call or email or otherwise contact to ask, “hey, where’s Katrina?” That means, we aren’t enough part of her circle, part of her life, to deserve to know where she is and what she’s doing. But we’re curious anyway. Some of us so much so that we keep checking every year to see if she has come back. And when we she that she has not returned we start to think and wonder again? Where is Katrina?

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There is nothing to be found on the Internet related to fashion blogger Katrina beyond the day she last updated any of her social media pages.

What happened to Katrina? Only those who know her, who truly are a part of her life know the answer. The rest of us, we can only wonder and speculate.

Did fashion blogger Katrina have an accident while shooting photos for her pages?

We know there have been fashion bloggers who have lost their lives in tragic accidents that occurred while they were capturing pictures for their social media pages. Did fashion blogger Katrina perish in such an accident?

Did fashion blogger Katrina die as a result of some other tragic accident?

Was there a car crash that took her life? A plane crash? An unfortunate tragedy like the mishap which ended the life of the French fashion and fitness blogger Rebecca Burger? Katrina was a popular fashion blogger, but she had not yet quite reached the level of notoriety as someone like Rebecca Burger. So it’s possible something could have happened but there were no headlines about it. But this seems unlikely.

Was fashion blogger Katrina killed?

At this point, we are getting carried away, and in some cases a little too fascinated and intrigued by the possibility that Katrina’s disappearance is linked to something dark and nefarious. We might need to take a pause and ask ourselves why her disappearance is of such great interest to us when we do not even know her. Are we just seeking to have something to gasp and talk about? When we start wondering about all the myriad possibilities, are we really concerned for her welfare or are we just excited in the way one becomes excited watching a whodunit film?

Those of us fearing that Katrina’s sudden disappearance might have a morbid explanation–we are showing that we’ve lost touch with our own reality and could benefit from taking her lead in leaving the internet world behind and reconnecting with real life, assuming that is what she has done. At the end of the day, it’s really none of our business what happened to her. If we were important enough to know what’s going on with her, we would know, because we would be an actual part of her life instead of just being lost souls looking for inspiration in photos other people post to their social media pages. Let’s just hope that Katrina is alive and happy. Or that, if she did pass, her soul is resting in peace and the people she loves have been able to carry on, and are able to derive comfort from their memories of her. Let her be an inspiration either way. If she did chose to abandon social media to live her life hidden from the lustful eyes of those for whom she was just an object to admire rather than a human being to desire to know beyond her lovely photographs, be inspired by her ability to resist the need to court the adulation of the masses and live life happily out of the spotlight. If she did pass, let her be a reminder that we can be here today and gone tomorrow, and so we should live our own lives to the fullest we can.



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