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The Making of a top Fashion blogger tip #1 Be authentic

When you’re in that boat where you have to try harder than most to accomplish a goal you’ve set for yourself it can be hard to be authentic. This can be especially true when you’re trying to become a top fashion blogger. By fashion blogger I’m referring specifically to the women (and men) who are going out there everyday staging photo shoots taking pictures of themselves modeling clothes trying to become the next top fashion blogger.

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As with anything else in life some things are going to come more easily to some people than to others. Every top fashion blogger worked hard to get where she is and continues to work hard to stay there; but even if the top fashion bloggers might not want to admit it many of them had certain advantages over their less popular counterparts. Let’s be honest, the prettier a girl is and the more she looks like what most girls are told is the ideal, the more likely she is to gain popularity as a fashion blogger. A girl who isn’t particularly pretty by popular standards, or who otherwise doesn’t have any other advantages that might help her succeed, might have to try a little harder.

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Top Fashion blogger tip #1 Be authentic

The thing about having to try harder to make it as a fashion blogger is that you can sometimes end up looking like you’re trying too hard; and then you come off as inauthentic. This can happen even to girls who have the pretty face and the figure that is usually considered an advantage. They can end up not succeeding because it’s obvious they aren’t just out there having fun and being natural, seeking to inspire and to be inspired. Being authentic means being out there trying to genuinely share and be part of the community. That authenticity–that quality of being genuine can make all the difference in the world in getting people to like and follow you. Of course you need to have great style. Your outfits need to be interesting and they need to look good on you. Your photos need to be of the best possible quality even if they don’t necessarily need to look like they were taken by a high fashion photographer. But even if you have all that covered–the nice clothes and the quality pictures–if you’re not coming off as genuine or likable, then people aren’t going to like your blog or follow you on social media. So keep it real. Be true. Be You.

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