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Christian Dior sheer dark grey and light grey knitted evening dress?

Here is a dress that I don’t think you’re going to see too many people wearing in public. At least they won’t be wearing it in the manner in which the model wore it on the runway.

This dress is from the Dior Autumn-Winter 2013 collection. It is described as a dark grey and light grey knitted evening dress.

I don’t even think Rihanna would be quite so brazen to wear this dress as it is shown on the model. Even she will think that the dress is a little bit too blatant with the exposure. Although if anyone was to be so bold as to wear this dress it would certainly be Rihanna.

This dress is called an evening gown. I am not sure it is suitable to be worn by other than a high classed lady of the evening. Exactly where she would wear it well that’s anybody’s guess.

Here’s the top part of the dress

Christian Dior dark grey and light grey knitted evening dress sheer top

As you can see the dress is completely sheer and you can see completely through it. The model is wearing nothing underneath so you can plain as daylight see her breasts” nipples and all.

I get that we’re all born naked and it shouldn’t make anyone uncomfortable to see any part of the naked human form. We should all be able to walk around naked without it being considered inappropriate in any way because nudity is natural and normal and covering up ourselves with clothes is just something humans do because humans decided at some point that the body should be covered up and people should not walk around completely or even partially naked.

You almost have to call the model wearing the dress partially naked don’t you?

Here’s the bottom part of the dress

Christian Dior dark grey and light grey knitted evening dress sheer bottom

As you can see the dress is see-through from neck to hem and only the black thing the model is wearing to cover her private area lends it a small bit of modesty. She’s otherwise practically naked.

What do you think of this dress? What type of woman do you think Dior had in mind in designing this dress and where did Dior intend the woman to wear this dress?

There are a number of famous women who like to give the world something to talk about who might have the courage to step out on the red carpet wearing this dress if they could get away with it. I’ve already named Rihanna. Madonna is another such risk taker although she probably wouldn’t go this far now that she’s over 50. She still goes pretty far but she probably wouldn’t go this far. Then there’s Lady Gaga; but I can’t see Lady Gaga wearing this style of dress even with the dress being completely sheer from head to toe.

I just don’t get the intention of this dress other than the obvious intention of the wearer to flash her audience.

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