This Carolina Herrera Long Sleeve sequin turtle neck

Carolina Herrera Long Sleeve sequin turtle neck
Carolina Herrera Long Sleeve sequin turtle neck
Carolina Herrera Long Sleeve sequin turtle neck
Carolina Herrera Long Sleeve sequin turtle neck – image via

This Carolina Herrera sequin turtle neck is a nice top right? Comes of course with a price tag that makes it not possible to buy. $2,290. It’s cute for sure, but yikes on the price tag. If you’re in a better boat than I am and you can actually afford to buy this, you can find it on via this affiliate link

There are some other nice items from the Caroline Herrera pre-fall 18 collection.  This sequin turtle neck is my favorite, but there a few close seconds. I liked this sequin turtle neck top it so much (except for the back part which I would prefer to be closed), I spent a few minutes looking around to see if I could find a nice colorful sequin turtle neck in the $20 price range. But I found nothing. Maybe once the lady in Sri Lanka finishes the top she’s making for me I’ll check if she thinks she might be able to make me a top that’s similar to this sequin turtle neck. Probably I won’t get a turtleneck though. And no doubt I won’t be able to find sequin fabric of the quality used in the Carolina Herrera sequin turtle neck. I’ll have to settle for something less exciting that will hopefully still be decent.
Carolina Herrera Long Sleeve sequin turtle neck 2Carolina Herrera Long Sleeve sequin turtle neck back

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The back view is cute and interesting and all that, but it’s not my style. I’m not into exposing my naked back to the world. Not even when I was in my twenties was I comfortable with too much skin exposure. Yes, it’s true, I used to wear very short skirts, but baring your legs is pretty common and not, in my opinion, an example of dressing to show skin. My skirts were definitely too short; but still, bared legs and an exposed back aren’t in the same class of skin exposure to me.

So what’s new with you? Are you feeling this Carolina Herrera sequin turtle neck? If you could afford it would you spend the necessary $2,290 to acquire it?


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