Have you been wanting to know all the Kylie Jenner beauty secrets?

If you’ve been wanting to know all the Kylie Jenner beauty secrets you’re about to get your wish. Kylie Jenner will soon be launching a website via which she will be sharing her beauty secrets and no doubt fashion tips and other bits of useful advice for how you can be your most beautiful most fabulous self.

Say what you want about Kylie, the girl knows a thing or two about beauty and style.

She’ll probably be catering her website to the 25 and under crowd (over 25 gals are supposed to already know how to do their makeup); but we’re not above taking some tips from the Kylie. Even her sister Kim who is going to be turning 35 this year has given props to her lil sis for possessing amazing skills when it comes to makeup application. So we’re sure there are things Kylie can teach us.

Kylie’s website has not yet launched. She says on her instagram that the website will be located at  kyliejenner.com. Right now there’s nothing at that domain so we won’t link you there directly. Once Kylie’s site is officially launched we’ll link you to it in case you somehow land here in your quest to find it(yeah, we know–not likely)

In the meantime you can guess at some of the Kylie Jenner beauty secrets…

Kylie Jenner eye makeup red top beauty
Image via Kylie Jenner’s Instagram – Captioned “team brown eyes 👀”

Don’t be afraid to enhance what nature gives you and don’t be afraid try out different looks even with the help of cosmetic surgery — this is not a criticism of Kylie. There are things we wish we had the money to get done. We don’t see any problem with improving your looks via cosmetic procedures if you can. As long as the procedures are safe and you don’t come out looking like someone altogether different, who does it harm? It’s your face, your body, your money.



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