Are you too old to be wearing Fashion Nova clothes?


So we sent this letter to the Fashion Nova people the other day…

Hello, we are wanting to get some information about Fashion Nova and whether or not the brand is geared for a particular age group. We are working on an article titled “Are you too old for Fashion Nova clothes?” and we would love to include a quote directly from you guys about that. So we are asking, is Fashion Nova a brand for all age groups or is there a cut-off age where you don’t expect people to be buying your clothes because they are too old?

We’re still waiting for them to send us a response. In the meantime:

We’re going to guess that Fashion Nova is geared to younger women in their teens and up to thirty. Maybe up to thirty-five. But we’ve written on this general subject before–on whether women past a certain age should avoid wearing certain brands, like Forever21 or Victoria’s Secret for example.

So, are you too old to be wearing Fashion Nova clothes?

If you’re over 35, there are going to be people who will tell you that you are too old to be wearing Fashion Nova clothes. Particularly if you are a mother. In fact, if you’re over thirty and a mother, people are going to try to impose restrictions on you as far as what you should and should not wear because 1. you’re over thirty and 2. you’re a mother. The question is, should you listen?

Red ‘Without a Trace lace dress’ – Image via

In our previous similar posts we stood behind those who believe that it’s your right to wear whatever you want to wear. Our views have not changed. If Fashion Nova clothes speak to you, don’t be bullied out of wearing the brand because people think you’re too old to dress a certain way. People can think whatever they want to think. The one thing people have no power to control is what you put on your body. It’s none of their business. We know it can be hard sometimes because people can be bullies and they will harass you and troll you and make you feel like complete sh*t. And sometimes it’s just easier to avoid all of that by relinquishing control over your own mind and body and letting the masses dictate your views and choices. We get it.

But we still maintain that your body is yours and what style of clothes you put on your body is the one thing you have complete freedom to decide. It’s nobody’s business if you’re ninety years old and decide to wear a cropped top and booty shorts. People might write songs talking about how wrong it is (Granny’s Got Her Daisy Dukes On), but if they’ve got a problem with your varicose veins running up into your cellulite, let them deal with it (Note that we are not talking to the people singing the song in the video. We were big fans of Joey and Rory and refrence the song only because it nicely illustrates our point) . You don’t owe anybody to dress so they can be comfortable. You dress for yourself and your own comfort and joy.

Devilish Thoughts latex jumpsuit – image via

Seriously though, we’re not suggesting you dress in a way that’s going to invite ridicule that will make you feel worse about yourself at the end of the day. The key is to know your self. Do you have the confidence and lack of concern with what people think that you can go out wearing something people might think you shouldn’t wear because of your age, but regardless what they might say about it, you will be able to strut your stuff and not give a damn? If so, then wear whatever you want to wear. However, if your skin is not thick and it will fill you with shame and regret if someone tells you you’re too old to be dressing sexy, then maybe think twice about buying that red Devilish Thoughts Latex jumpsuit you’re eying. Or maybe go ahead and get it but only wear it when you’re feeling yourself in the privacy of your own home.


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