Saw this Judith Leiber Couture Belle Cowgirl Boot Clutch on the ModaOperandi website
Judith Leiber Couture Belle Cowgirl Boot Clutch 2
Judith Leiber Couture Belle Cowgirl Boot Clutch 2

Didn’t realize at first that this was a clutch. Thought for a second that it was an ornate crystal embellished cowgirl style boot. But it is in fact a Cowgirl Boot Clutch that comes with a $5495 price tag.

Judith Leiber Couture Belle Cowgirl Boot Clutch
Judith Leiber Couture Belle Cowgirl Boot Clutch – Image via

My question to you: Would you spend $5495 to acquire this cowgirl boot clutch?

What do you think of the style? If this clutch was $54.95 would you buy it intending to use it as an accessory? Just as a matter of style, do you think a cowgirl boot clutch works? Can you see it working with an outfit you’d wear to go out?

In the picture above where you can see how the clutch looks when it’s being carried, it looks a little silly to me. Now if these were actual boots, while they would still be a little bit ornate, I would definitely grab a pair if the price was in my affordable range. Or maybe if I was wealthy I might even consider the $5495 price tag. But as a clutch I’m not sure I love the boot idea. I can see people giving me WTF looks and laughing, not to be malicious but because I really do look comical and they just can’t help laughing.

Not saying I wouldn’t buy the clutch. It’s actually very cute and it would look awesome on display on my dresser. If the price was right I could see myself buying it, but not to use as an accessory. I would buy it just to display it and admire it on a shelf and take pictures of it.

If you can afford the $5495 price tag and you want this clutch, you can find it via (Notice: Link is an affiliate link. If you purchase this clutch via this link I will receive a commission.)


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