Ready to compile your summer 2017 denim wish list?

Denim has long had a reputation for being a summer wardrobe staple. In most people wardrobes you’re likely to find at least 1 denim jacket, a pair of denim cut-off shorts or daisy dukes, a denim shirt. Most people own multiple pairs of denim jeans. Denim skirts and denim jackets are also very common items to find in summer wardrobes.

So what’s on your summer 2017 denim wishlist?

Here are some summer 2017 denim pieces that would make great additions to your denim collection.

Tibi denim corset
Tibi denim corset fitted corset

This denim corset comes with a $295 price tag and features a fitted silhouette with back mesh panels and an exposed zipper.

From TIBI, this corset is fully lined, made from 100% cotton with 90% polyamide and 10% polyurethane. The color is “marine denim”.

Wear it over a white bell sleeve shirt with white capri pants and wedge sandals accessorized with your favorite pair of designer sunglasses and your favorite summer tote bag.

Khaite Cate Oversized Denim Jacket
Khaite Cate Oversized Denim Jacket

This summer 2017 denim jacket in classic blue wash is designed to have an oversize fit. Comes with a $560 price tag.

Rosetta Getty Apron Wrap Tweed Dress
Rosetta Getty Apron Wrap Tweed Dress

Why wouldn’t you want to add this Rosetta Getty apron wrap tweed denim dress to your summer 2017 denim collection? The price tag of $1,180 is not in our affordable budget, so this dress will go on our wishlist for now.

Nili Lotan Franki Patch Jeans
Nili Lotan Franki Patch Jeans – $375

If you’ve been wanting to add some variety to your denim jeans collection, these Nili Lotan patch jeans are a great choice.  They are mid-rise jeans with a slouchy silhouette for those days when you’re in the mood for a relaxed style.

3X1 Mid Rise Distressed Straight Leg Jeans
3X1 Mid Rise Distressed Straight Leg Jeans

Not feeling the Nili Lotan patch jeans? How about these 3X1 mid-rise distressed straight leg jeans? They come with a $325 price tag and feature frayed hems in addition to the distressed elements.

These summer 2017 denim items are available for purchase via (Notice: link is an affiliate link)



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