Hi all. Happy Sunday. It’s the last day of April 2017. I can’t believe how fast the year is flying by! Just wanted to do a quick post showing some pictures I took yesterday in that black silver cold shoulder dress I bought from Nordstromrack back in February. I wanted to make a video to upload to the facebook page for my album project, so I was doing some testing yesterday. (Note: The background in the picture isn’t my home. It’s a stock photo)

Posing in the black and silver cold shoulder dress Saturday April 29 2017
Posing in the black and silver cold shoulder dress Saturday April 29 2017 – yes, my photo editor did some work to improve my pictures. But I do have to say, the collagen tonic I’m drinking everyday is working wonders in helping me repair the damage done from over a decade of insomnia and depression and the normal ravages of aging.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about cold shoulder apparel before I acquired this dress. But I think I like the look. Maybe I’ll get me another cold shoulder dress or top soon.

Another picture of me posing in the black and silver cold shoulder dress on Saturday April 29 2017. I know smiling is a hazard for aging women because it accelerates the development of laugh lines. But I’m making up for all the smiling I was too self-conscious and embarrassed to do when I was young. I think getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and finding anti-aging products that actually do what they say should help keep the laugh lines away or at least minimize them. No need to avoid smiling.

Album project update: I have been working hard on my album project. My goal is to be finished by my next birthday in November. But I’ve been consulting with a musician/producer who tells me it could be 2018 before my album is ready. I hope I will be able to keep going for that long because I will be honest with you, trying to make an album when you’re not the greatest singer in the world and you’re not young enough or beautiful enough to compensate for your mediocre singing ability can be a pretty daunting experience.

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