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Yesterday marked the completion of my 30-day mission to start living a more fulfilling life.

This mission was not about being able to declare my life fulfilled in 30 days time. It was about successfully setting myself on the path to living a more fulfilling life. And I would have to say that I achieved that goal.

So today I choose to celebrate myself.

In the words of Walt Whitman, “I celebrate myself and sing myself”.

Even while I have had some days that were frustrating, June has been a good month. It has been one of my most fulfilling months in some time. I haven’t gone such a long stretch of consecutive days being a friend to myself in a very long time.

Staying on the path is going to be the difficult part of the process. And I should know because this is not the first or even the 10th time I’ve set out on a mission to live a more fulfilling life. But it’s not really relevant how many times you try and fail. The most important thing is that you never quit trying to get the effort to stick. Because you deserve as fulfilling a life as is possible for you to have without the interference of forces outside of your control. And outside of those forces, you are the only one with the power to control those things that determine whether or not you feel fulfilled in your life.


Why should you celebrate yourself?

The real question is, why shouldn’t you celebrate yourself? The idea that your life is only worthy of being celebrated if you’re rich and famous should be rejected. You should never willingly celebrate someone else’s life while going along with the idea that your own life does not deserve to be celebrated because you’re not somebody everybody knows. Don’t admire other people while having no admiration for yourself. Be a fan of your own self first and foremost. Be more interested in your own life than in the lives of others.

And celebrate yourself often…

Celebrate the things you accomplish each day whether big or small. Love and nurture yourself. Do things for yourself. Treat yourself like you’re a celebrity. Because you are. You are the star of the reality show that is your life.



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