Turning envy into inspiration – don’t hate girls with Chanel bags


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We believe in turning envy into inspiration…

But there are those days when you try to turn envy into inspiration and it just doesn’t work.

Someone we know, we’ll call her Jane, has been feeling a bit unhappy these last few days because she ran into an old friend who is now a big success. The old friend was wearing Louboutin heels and carrying a Chanel bag. Her wrist was adorned with Chanel and Hermes. She was wearing a Chanel necklace and Dior sunglasses. Jane meanwhile was wearing shorts bought from a JCPenny clearance rack, a shirt she purchased from Amazon.com for $7.99 and Payless shoes. Jane has been feeling a little depressed since. We’ve tried to suggest to her that she should get inspired by her friend’s success instead of harboring envious thoughts and feelings; but she’s not having any of our BS. We completely understand how Jane feels.

But we still think turning envy into inspiration is far more beneficial than allowing envy into your heart and mind.

What we recommend when you find yourself sinking into that hole in your head where thoughts of envy start to eat at your self esteem, is that you distract yourself with activity.

It’s hard to sit around and wallow in your feelings of self pity if you’re busy doing something. Go for a walk. Or better yet go for a run. Or go to the movies. Or just go to your kitchen and make something nice and healthy.

pretty salad

Or if you’re not much concerned with the healthy aspect go bake some cupcakes.

colorful cupcakes

Or go read a book.

The point is to do something instead of just sitting there festering in your envy of girls who seem to have it all.

Tomorrow you can get back on track turning envy into inspiration…

Get inspired by girls with Chanel Bags

Soraya De Carvalho from the United Kingdom Chanel bag BROGUES PAISLEY NECKERCHIEF
Image via Lookbook.nu – Soraya De Carvalho from the United – Kingdom with a Chanel bag – BROGUES PAISLEY NECKERCHIEF – On Instagram: – Her blog

Popular style Blogger and digital influencer Soraya De Carvalho with a Chanel bag. Her Instagram, facebook and blog are worth checking out. But remember, don’t get envious. Get inspired!

Keeping it casual in #pilotto top #asos skirt #chanel bag and an oldie but goodie #L.K.Bennett flats #styleismythingxx

A photo posted by Soraya De Carvalho (@styleismything) on

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