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We were just browsing through the looks from the Mary Katrantzou Resort 2016 trunk show on the Moda Operandi website.

There’s a reason Mary Katrantzou is famous for her prints. They always stand out from the crowd in a striking way. Words you’ll come across that are used to describe Mary Katrantzou prints include vivid, vibrant, spectacular, amazing, incredible, inspired.

Without question Mary Katranzou prints capture one’s attention season after season.

The Resort 2016 looks keep to the tradition of wow prints. Pieces are flowy and silky and colorful.

The Mary Katrantzou Resort 2016 looks:

  • Bright, bold colors mixed and matched to create vibrant prints.
  • Stripes going this way.
  • Stripes going that way.
  • Floral designs featuring tulips, hibiscus, roses and more
  • Maxis
  • Minis
  • Midis…
  • Long sleeves
  • Short sleeves
  • Pleats

Mary Katrantzou Resort 2016 – what we want…

Mary Katrantzou stripe floral print Asis tank top
Image via Moda Operandi

This is what a $1,470 tank top looks like. It’s sleeveless, features spaghetti straps, a v-neck, printed floral imagery, pleats and an a-line silhouette. And it’s made of silk.

Mary Katrantzou Heidi floral stripes print dress

Mary Katrantzou Heidi floral stripes print dressSilk slip-on a-line trapeze dress. Dress features a frilled high collar, printed floral imagery and stripes, pleats and an above the knee hem. It comes with a $1,790 price tag.

Mary Katrantzou uni skirt

Mary Katrantzou uni skirtRainbow stripe chiffon high waist skirt with leather waistband, multicolor accordion pleats, an a-line silhouette and a midi length. Comes with a $1,535 price tag.

Mary Katrantzou White Folia Blouse

Mary Katrantzou White Folia BlouseLong sleeved white silk button up blouse with a gorgeous attached multi color striped necktie. Comes with a $1,090 price tag.

Mary Katrantzou  plexiglass Small Dots Box Clutch

Mary Katrantzou  plexiglass Small Dots Box ClutchHow gorgeous is this box clutch? We’re totally want this clutch. But the $1,960 price tag is a wee bit (okay more than a wee bit) out of our budget.

The clutch is made of plexiglass and features colorful 3D dots.

Shop Mary Katrantzou at Moda Operandi

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