30 days to a more fulfilling life: Day 4 – envisioning success

salad on table view overlooking ocean

Envisioning success – the power of visualization, the power of positivity, the law of attraction — the blah blah blah….

As I wrote in a previous post people have been giving me this advise since I was a teenager. Use your mind to envision the life you want. By doing that you will send out all the right messages to the universe and the universe will deliver your heart’s desire. Just envision it. Affirm it.

I’m sure I’ve tried to do that; but envisioning success has never worked for me. So I haven’t bothered to try the visualization and affirmation tactics. I’ve tried instead to work harder at trying to achieve my goals in life. I’ve been living according to the motto that if you want success in life you have to work your ass off to get it.

But I’m starting to wonder if it’s time to give up thinking I can achieve success just by working hard. You’d think hard work would be the way to success; but based on the fact that success continues to elude me, I’m thinking that working hard by itself is just not enough. And if I have no power by my hard work to make success happen for myself, with what option am I left but to rely on hope that by applying the tactic of envisioning success I might somehow magically cause my dreams to become reality?

So during this 30 days to a more fulfilling life attempt I will try to use pictures to help inspire me and facilitate my efforts at envisioning success.

pretty decanter with tea fruits on table tea in wine glass

This picture inspires me. It’s an interesting picture to me because it suggests a lifestyle of comfort. It makes me want to have a bright and shiny, colorful, sweet life.

But it’s just a picture and really, you can go to a dollar store and buy a decanter and some cheap wine glasses. You can make some iced tea. You can add fruits to the iced tea and pose it on a table with one of your cheap wine glasses filled with some of the tea. You can put some fruits on the table, and position the table in front of a cheap fake ficus plant.

Things can seem so much better from the outside looking in than they are in reality. The life I envision that I think I cannot have without financial success, it might not turn out to be a better life than the life I have. So I’m wondering:

When success keeps eluding you do you keep chasing after it or do you give up and try to make the most of what you have?

It can be a tough thing when you feel like you’re giving something your all and everything and nothing positive results. Every day you get one disappointment or another. Maybe it’s better to simply take what you already have and try to make the most of it. Maybe the key is to change how you define success. Measure yourself against yourself and own your personal experiences. And stop judging yourself according to other people’s idea of what makes someone a success and what makes them a failure.


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