A brilliant smile is your prettiest accessory

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    You can step out on the town adorned in all the finest, most glittery, sparkly, opulent gems; but your prettiest accessory will always be your pearly whites. And we don’t mean your treasured Chanel pearls and your other pearl jewelry.


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    The condition of your teeth can undermine or enhance your self confidence

    We have teeth for practical reasons; but aside from the practical purposes they serve, our teeth contribute to our over all image. People see your teeth when your talk. And unless you’re one of those people who, being uncomfortable and embarrassed about your teeth, always smile with your mouth closed, people most certainly see your teeth when you smile.

    And people notice two main things about your teeth

    • They notice the color of your teeth
    • They notice if you have good teeth or bad teeth as far as how your teeth are shaped, spaced and aligned


    If you have misaligned, spacy, unevenly shaped teeth, there are no DIY remedies you can attempt at home to fix those problems. You will need to get professional dental work done. But as far as the color of your teeth goes, there are plenty of at home teeth whitening remedies you can use to try to make your teeth whiter and brighter. But there really is a limit to what teeth whitening toothpaste and other teeth whitening home remedies can do. That is why many people get their teeth professionally whitened by their dentist. But what if you could get professional results at home using the same technique used by your dentist and at a much more affordable cost? The maker’s of the Smile Brilliant professional teeth whitening system say you can.

    Smile Brilliant

    Do you really need to professionally whiten your teeth?

    At the end of the day not having white teeth isn’t going to have any significantly damaging effect on your life by itself. But having whiter teeth can give a huge boost to your self confidence which can in turn result in improvements to your over all quality of life. When we have confidence we approach life more fearlessly and with greater enthusiasm. And when we are in a more fearless and enthusiastic frame of mind we tend to make smarter choices for which we get favorably rewarded.

    So while it’s perfectly okay to leave your teeth in their less than brilliant white condition, whiter teeth can enhance your appearance and by so doing enhance your life.

    The Smile Brilliant system

    Smile Brilliant full kitWhile we have not tried this system yet, we have had an opportunity to review some of their printed material. And we have agreed to share what we’ve learned for the benefit of our readers who might be interested in trying the Smile Brilliant the system.

    The Science Behind Teeth Whitening

    Apparently how your teeth will respond to whitening treatment largely depends on your teeth themselves. No matter what product you use, you might never get teeth so white they glow in the dark. Because your teeth determine their own maximum white capacity — not the product you use to whiten them. The product is of course important. But apparently, all peroxide based whitening products will, over a period of time, completely remove the stains with which they come in contact. So no matter what brand you use, provided the bleaching agent is an active peroxide, it will remove the stains from your teeth. But even with the stains removed, your teeth might not necessarily give off diamond-like sparkles when you smile on account of being so brilliantly white.

    From Smile Brilliant – The natural color of a tooth resides in the dentin which lies below the enamel. Enamel is a clear hard protective coating. Dentin is a soft bone like tissue. The natural color of ones dentin varies per person: most have off-white, greyish or yellowish coloring to their dentin. Very few have naturally bright white dentin. Whatever the natural color of your dentin is, is how your teeth will appear when all stains have been lifted from your teeth. NO dentist or teeth whitening brand can guarantee a bright white smile including Smile Brilliant. The best we can do is guarantee is a stain free smile

    So if they can’t guarantee a bright white smile what’s the point of using these systems?

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    We were wondering the same thing too. If a teeth whitening system cannot guarantee a bright white smile, why should you bother to use it? But we figure it’s not that the system won’t whiten your teeth. It just might not make your teeth look like the white of freshly fallen snow under the glare of a brilliantly shining sun. But do you really need your teeth to be blindingly white?

    Friends clip – The one where Ross over whitens his teeth

    There’s white and then there’s ridiculous…

    Okay so a teeth whitening system is still good to use even if it might not leave you with snow white teeth. But if all peroxide based systems will remove teeth stains anyway, what difference does it make which one you use?

    In other words: what makes Smile Brilliant unique?


    According to Smile Brilliant themselves, they provides you with a treatment that is comparable to what you get at the dentist’s office for a fraction of the price you pay to the dentist.

    • They provide you with lab direct, custom-fitted teeth whitening trays
    • They provide you with an ‘award-winning peroxide whitening gel

    They are an “affordable way to have your teeth professionally whitened”.

    From the Smile Brilliant website – Our dental lab has provided teeth whitening lab services to cosmetic dentists for over a decade. Now, we have taken our process directly to you with our Lab Direct Smile Brilliant! teeth whitening kits. We employ highly skilled lab technicians who educate our client service specialists. You can trust us to restore your smile, and have peace of mind that if anything should happen, you can reach a knowledgable representative who will understand and care for your every need.

    Video demonstration of the smile Brilliant teeth whitening process

    Have you been considering a trip to the dentist to get your teeth whitened? Why not give Smile Brilliant a try? You’ll save yourself some money and the hassle of the trip to the dentist.

    If you’ve used Smile Brilliant we’d love to hear from you. Share about your experience with the product in the comments below.

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    1. I highly advocate for the use of natural remedies vs gels or strips or any of that stuff, I know it seems easy to get caught up with the whole “get whiter teeth fast” stuff but simply put that the only way to really achieve long lasting results is to build a strong foundation, that includes things like eating healthier, drinking lots of water and avoiding acidic drinks, I’m not saying pull a 180 and completely change your lifestyle but start out taking it slow, like for example start drinking those acidic drinks through straws to start, also the most important step is to be consistent, don’t do it for a week and go back to your bad habits, otherwise your teeth will go back to looking the way they did, if you need help setting up a routine read this page here http://aestheticreview.com this place really helped me get into gear to achieving some healthy whiter teeth, anyways thanks for your post


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