#Yoga in a Sweaty Betty tank- thanks #RANBonusBox

Sweaty Betty Knock Out Yoga Vest4

Do you start your mornings with #yoga in a Sweaty Betty yoga tank?

Hello all, we know we’ve been missing in action for a few days. That’s because our editor-in-chief is facing some personal challenges. She will be undergoing surgery on Monday and so things have been a bit off schedule and will remain off schedule until at least April. But we wanted to get something posted before Monday, and thanks to the #RANBonusbox from @Rakutenmarketing_US ( and the things that came in the box, including a Sweaty Betty #sweatybetty #yoga tank), we can probably get a couple of posts up by Monday.

If you don’t know about the #RANBonusbox…

The RanBonusBox is a little box of awesome goodies that the folks at Rakuten Marketing send out to a group of publishers who belong to their Rakuten Affiliate Network. We’ve been very lucky to have been one of the 50 publishers chosen to receive the 2016 Q1 Bonus box. We also received bonus boxes in 2015 and we discovered many interesting brands thanks to the Bonus Box. We now regularly use products from some of the brands, and without question these products have enhanced our lives.

The 2016 Q1 Bonus box contained a fun yoga tank from the British brand Sweaty Betty. Here are some pictures of our editor in chief wearing the Sweaty Betty Avesha Yoga Tank earlier this morning to illustrate that it’s a great tank even for ladies with big tummies.

For the last few years Adela (aka Monica) has lived with very large tumors in her stomach that have made her look permanently pregnant. But you can barely tell just how large her stomach is in this yoga tank from Sweaty Betty. Sure you can see that it’s large, but you would never guess that it’s so large she’ll be undergoing a hysterectomy in just a few days because the tumors have reached a size that her stomach can no longer house.

Sweaty Betty Knock Out Yoga Vest 3

Sweaty Betty Knock Out Avesha yoga tank

So if you’re someone with a stomach that makes you look several months pregnant (or if you are several months pregnant), and you’re looking for a stylish tank top you can wear to do your yoga or other exercise without feeling self-conscious about your stomach, you should consider this Avesha yoga tank or other similarly styled Sweaty Betty tank. You can visit the Sweaty Betty website here. You’ll probably be wanting to buy a few things. We know we sure do.

Here’s what the tank looks like from the back.

Sweaty Betty Knock Out Yoga Tank

If we have a complaint about this tank it’s that the material seems a little thin. It’s 83% polyester and 17% linen. It has a bit of see-through. But we absolutely love the style. For the lady who wants to look stylish working out, but needs the cover-up for her stomach, this tank style is perfect.

Our editor-in-chief rates her Avesha yoga tank 5 stars because it does such an amazing job of minimizing her stomach. Sharing these pictures with her stomach front and center is something she would usually have been too embarrassed to do, so she thanks Sweaty Betty for the Avesha tank and Rakuten Marketing for the Bonus Box. And she encourages women who are embarrassed and self-conscious about their stomach for whatever reason, to find the right style of clothing and work with what they’ve got.

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Thanks for reading and see you again soon.


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