Good morning all, happy Saturday. We just wanted to share a quick post about the Folli Follie Happy Nugget bracelet that we received in the 2016 Q1 Bonus Box by Rakuten Affiliate Network. Our #RANBonusBox arrived earlier in the week. We already wrote a post about the Sweaty Betty yoga tank that came in the box. You can read that post here.

Folli Follie is a Greece based company that sells jewelry, watches, bags, and other fashion accessories. They describe as their core philosophy a dedicated focus on “the original design and sale of a fun, versatile, and affordable luxury collection designed to meet the varied and dynamic needs of trend-conscious women and girls worldwide”.

We first discovered Folli Follie last year thanks to the Rakuten Affiliate Network. The first Bonus box we received contained a Folli Follie watch. You can read the post we wrote about that here.

We’ve since been crushing on Folli Follie jewelry but you know how it is with the struggle. We have some items on our wishlist and hope to get them off our wishlist and into our closet this year. Check out our Instagram to see the Folli Follie items we’re eyeing for purchase some time in 2016.

Meanwhile, we’re thrilled to have received this Folli Follie Happy Nugget bracelet in the Q1 Bonus box.

Folli Follie orange pu leather happy nugget bracelet

Now we have two Folli Follie items in our collection.

Folli Follie happy nugget bracelet orange pu leather

Our Folli Follie Happy Nugget bracelet is a rose gold plated bracelet from Folli Follie’s Happy Nugget Collection. It’s made of PU leather and features a clear crystal stone. It’s a cute little bracelet that’s ideal for stacking. It comes with a $75 price tag. There are other colors in addition to the orange, including white, beige and yellow gold.

For more fun and versatile Folli Follie bracelets, check out their website at

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