What’s Popular on the Beauty Scene of 2018 So Far

popular beauty trends 2018
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The beauty industry keeps changing and coming up with more and more things to wow us. After all, we’re expecting it to give us something new, and we shouldn’t be surprised that the trends that we predicted at the end of last year were outshined in the first few months of the new year. And with the industry as a whole trying to simplify products, procedures and go back to natural, we are seeing some very creative solutions to problems of the past. So here are the trends we should be keeping up with for the time being:

Shimmer and shine

shimmerLet’s start with the aesthetic side of things. It might seem that trends are getting simpler and simpler, with monochromatic eye looks taking over the runways and bringing back some long-missed appearances. However, there is another trend that is rising alongside it: shimmer. And we aren’t talking about just a bit of highlight. It’s shining on the eyes, lips, cheeks and everywhere else. Shimmer is simply the new normal. Gold and rose gold are the colors people are going for, and instead of trashy, they look fabulous. Apply your primer and use eyeshadow that already has shimmer infused, to make sure it stays on all night long.

Oils galore

oilsIf you were to tell me five years ago that I would be cleansing my skin with oil, I would have called you mad – yet here we are. The war on oils has officially ended. We apologize for the years we thought you would clog our pores, give us acne and make us shiny in the worst possible way. Oil cleansers are the new best thing for anyone who wants to truly give their skin a royal treatment. It will not only cleanse the skin, but also replenish it and hydrate it. And once you’ve cleansed your skin with an oil cleanser, make sure you apply your face oil: the new way to hydrate your skin – yes, even if you have oily skin! And just before you go out, there is just one more oil to put on: perfume oil. It is subtler than a spray-on perfume from a bottle and it will last a lot longer. Perfect for a night out.

Procedures from the pros

prosIf you look around, it seems like everyone is doing procedures, fillers, augmentations and laser treatments. But have we perhaps gone too far with this? These procedures are now accessible to almost everyone, which is amazing for women in need of a breast reduction or people born with conditions like tuberous breasts, since they can get the surgery they want to feel confident, beautiful or healthy. But with the rise in demand came a lot of malpractitioners, people without medical degrees who are injecting people with lip fillers and even botox (which is the deadliest chemical in the world, if ingested), making their faces and lives quite a mess. So if you do choose to get something done, make sure you do your research and go to a reputable clinic where they will take good care of you.

Inclusive makeup

rihannaFinally, the wake-up of the beauty industry we’ve all been waiting for. They’ve finally realized that people come in more shades than pale-to-slightly-tanned plus one dark tone. Makeup brands are releasing lines of foundations, concealers, lipsticks and all kinds of other products for people with various skin tones and skin types. Before now, there were just a few companies that really catered to everyone, but they were often expensive and not readily available at a store. For this, we have Rihanna, and her Fenty Beauty brand to thank for leading the charge in all-inclusive makeup. No matter what your skin tone is – you deserve to look and feel beautiful, and companies will never be able to use the “black doesn’t sell” excuse again.

Add to this hair products for fix-ups on the go, vitamin C supplements, facial micro needling rollers and some crazy-log lashes, and you’ve got this season covered. It’s what the trends are saying for now, and if we continue on the same path we will see more natural, inclusive and eco-friendly brands coming our way. That is, of course, if we don’t all drown in oils first!


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