What can I wear with my black maxi skirt?


QI have a black maxi skirt that’s just sitting in my closet. I can never seem to figure out how to wear it. Every time I try the outfit comes out looking frumpy. Can you give me any tips for how to style my black maxi skirt? (An MFW created question)

A – There are plenty of possibilities for how to wear a black maxi skirt. We reviewed some Google images of women wearing black maxi skirts and we saw a number of different interesting looks. Some ladies wore their black maxi skirt with a buttoned shirt which they either tucked in or tied at their waist. Some wore their black maxi skirt with a cropped top. Some wore theirs with a fitted top while others chose a more loose-fitting top. Some wore theirs with a cropped sweater. Some chose a tank top by itself while others wore a tank top under a cardigan or jacket. And most of the ladies rocked their style.

women wearing black maxi skirt
Image of women in black maxi skirts via Google Images

Not all black maxi skirts are the same

Your black maxi skirt can be a straight skirt, or it can be flared, or it can be somewhere between straight and flared. How the skirt is cut will factor into how you style it. Although, for the most part, ladies seem to go for less roomy tops. Some of the looks we’ve seen where ladies went with a roomier top (left un-tucked) were on the borderline of frumpy. If you’re going to wear a roomy top you will probably want to tuck it in. And if you have a bit of a belly, you’ll be surprised to discover that a broad belt is your friend and not your enemy as you might assume. Use a broad belt and draw it as tight as it will go without making it impossible for you to get through the day with it on.

women wearing black maxi skirt 2
women wearing black maxi skirt Image of women in black maxi skirts via Google Images

The material factor…

It also makes a difference if your black maxi skirt is a silk maxi skirt with a fluid drape, or if it’s a knit skirt, or satin or tulle — what the skirt is made of will play a role in the decision of how best to style it.

And of course it makes a difference where you will be going. Are you getting dressed to go out for dinner? Are you getting dressed to go to school? Are you getting dressed to go to work? How to style your skirt will depending on where you’re going to be wearing it.

And let’s not forget the most important factor of all–you. Your height, your weight, the shape of your body — all of these things make a difference in determining the best way to style your black maxi skirt so that you look and feel your best.

Styling your black maxi skirt – the key factors to account for…

  • The cut of the skirt
  • The material from which the skirt is made
  • Where you are getting dressed to go
  • The shape of your body
  • Your height
  • Your weight





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