Trying to figure out how I feel about the Victoria Beckham bags I came across on today.

After looking through the Forzieri collection of Victoria Beckham bags, I have to be completely honest. None of the styles really move me per se. I didn’t look at any of the bags and think to myself that I wish I could get my hands on them.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the bags. They’re nice looking bags; but they just don’t arouse any desire to buy in me. I think possibly it’s the colors. Lately I’ve just not been drawn to bland colors. And the colors of the Victoria Beckham bags on the Forzieri website are pretty bland. Nothing stands out and grabs my notice. And the styles are all very no fuss no muss. These aren’t bags that were designed to bring out your fun and playful side.

I’m finding that the things that tend to arouse a shopping impulse in me are more colorful and fun and artsy. The colors of the Victoria Beckham bags on Forzieri are black, navy, white, nude, olive, burgundy. Perfectly fine colors but more serious and practical. Nothing bright and bold. No unusual shapes or wild embellishments. I think I like things bright and bold with unusual shapes and embellishments.

If I absolutely had to pick a bag, my choice would be between the Leather Swing bag, the half moon box leather shoulder bag and the leather cube bag. But for me to consider spending $1000 – $2000 on a bag it would have to be a bag that I look at instantly feel like my life is less because I don’t have it.

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