Good day all. How has your day been going? I hope you’re all filled with joy and excitement as December 25th approaches. Hope you’ve been able to afford to buy presents for your loved ones. I know too well what it’s like to not have money to buy gifts for the people you love on these special occasions that come about every year. It can be pretty depressing; but we should remind ourselves that what matters is the love, understanding, patience and forgiveness we show each and every day. It’s nice to get things; but things are just things and (provided you are loving them well) the people who love you aren’t going to remember the Christmas when you didn’t give them a gift. So if you’ve been unable to give out presents don’t worry too much. You can always give a present later.

So here’s a green mesh sequin satin gown I designed last year that I’ve decided I want to try to make just for the fun of it.

monica designs green mesh sequin satin gown
monica’s green mesh sequin satin gown design

I am not a fashion designer. I am also not an artist. I drew this last year when I was working towards building up the @myfashionwants Instagram page. It wasn’t done with a mind towards designing. I don’t know the first thing about fashion design drawing. I was just doing my best at drawing pictures of dresses that I created in my head. This is one of the drawings I came up with. You can see more on the @myfashionwants Instagram account.

So I’ve decided to try to turn this picture into an actual dress. I’m off to shop for the necessary fabric and other material. If you’ve been following my sewing projects then you know this could very well end up going nowhere. I still haven’t finished that red pants suit. But I seem to have an easier time making things when I’m not trying to follow directions, so maybe I’ll actually manage to start and finish this dress. We shall see. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, have fun with your life. It’s nice to be rich and spend your days shopping in Paris. So by all means aim for the life of your dreams. But in the meantime, try to make the most of the life you actually have.

Happy Holidays!


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