These are the Valentino Loves Me Loves me not Daisy Sandals in Black/White/Yellow

We’ve been having one of those days. You know those days when you just can’t work up the energy to ball your fist and take a jab at that ole punching bag? But leave it to Instagram’s @my__closet__diaries to inspire us to at least put on the boxing gloves.

We decided to swing by her page to see what she’s posted to Instagram since our last visit and we came across a pic of what we’re assuming is a recent purchase of a pair of Valentino sandals.

Remember those days of plucking daisy leaves and reciting “he loves me he loves me not”?

How gorgeous are those Valentino Loves Me Loves me not Daisy Sandals? Looks like you can get them at Neiman Marcus for $1,145.00. But they don’t really look as impressive on the Neiman Marcus website as they do in @my__closet__diaries’s Instagram pic.

Some other gorgeous pics from the my__closet__diaries Instagram page

@my__closet__diaries Bling bling jimmychoo dior diorama
Via Instagram – @my__closet__diaries Bling bling 😚✨ #jimmychoo #dior #diorama

Ridiculous right? How are some girls so lucky? We’d love to find out about @my__closet__diaries. Who she is. What she does. We’re guessing she’s not your regular every day girl.

Here she is carrying a Bvlgari bag wearing a Helmut Lang blazer over a Tibi dress and accessorizing with a Cartier watch. Not exactly the profile of a regular gal.

@my__closet__diaries Bvlgari bag tibi dress helmut lang blazer Cartier
Via Instagram – @my__closet__diaries – Captioned: Details of tonight… 💞 #Bvlgari bag #tibi dress #helmutlang blazer #Cartier ✨

Need some style inspiration? You should definitely swing by the @my__closet__diaries Instagram page.

Following other inspiring fashion stars on Instagram? Let us know about them so we can check out their page and feature them in our “Closet Inspiration” section. Are you a fashion star with an interesting Instagram page? We’d love to feature you. Contact Us!



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