Judging from all the Youtube videos we came across today, every girl, her BFF, her sister, mother, aunt, cousin and even granny already has a beautyblender makeup sponge.

So why don’t we have one?

Truth be told we didn’t even know about the beautyblender makeup sponge until today. We’re like cavewomen when it comes to our makeup application. We don’t have a wide assortment of the latest tools and gadgets. We put on foundation with our fingers because nothing else we’ve tried has ever really worked.

But we hate putting on foundation with our fingers because it’s really messy. So the idea that there might be an applicator that works is interesting enough to warrant investigation.

The beautyblender makeup sponge is exactly what the name implies. It’s a makeup sponge. But it’s not the makeup sponge that you get 10 of in a bag for a dollar at your local drug store.

The beautyblender makeup sponge was created by celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva.

In the infomercial video “Introducing The Beautyblender Makeup Sponge Applicator” she explains how the beautyblender was born from a need for a tool that would help her achieve a flawless finish for her clients every time.

The beautyblender makeup sponge applicator is available at Sephora for $19.95.

beauty blender spongesbeauty blender detailsRated 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 3,650 reviews at last check.

So what’s so hot about the beautyblender sponge?

Well, if you believe the over 3000 4 and 5 star reviews

  1. It makes foundation go on quickly and flawlessly
  2. It applies like a dream, leaving no streaks
  3. It gives you much better results than you get using a brush
  4. It’s amazing at blending everything perfectly
  5. It’s easy to use and your make-up lasts longer because of it
  6. Gives you an airbrushed look
  7. Makes your makeup look like it was professionally done every time
  8. It’s pretty much idiot proof in it’s blending ability
  9. Gives you a natural non-cakey streakless, spotless smooth finish
  10. Nothing is better when it comes to blending

The beautyblender sounds like it’s a pretty amazing tool. We haven’t actually gotten ours yet. But we’ll be sure to update with our thoughts once we’ve had a chance to try the product.

Because we so seldom wear make-up these days we’re a bit reluctant to invest $20 in a makeup sponge. We’ll probably try out a cheaper alternative first. But we definitely have enough experience with wearing make-up (even if we’re no good at putting it on) to know that it matters what you use to put on your foundation. The cheap drugstore sponges have never done a good job. And we don’t care for using a brush to apply foundation. We currently apply foundation by tapping the product on with our finger tips. Needless to say this is a messy technique. So we’d be more than thrilled if the beautyblender (or a similar product) turns out to do as incredible a job as current users report.

Are you using the beautyblender makeup sponge?

Share your thoughts on the product in the comments below.

Ready to try the beautyblender makeup sponge?

Purchase the beautyblender makeup sponge from Sephora


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