Notice & Disclaimier

I am not a sleep expert, beauty expert or any other kind of expert. Anything that reads as if I am stating facts, (for example it is better for you to sleep on your back or anything suggesting a fact about back sleeping) is based on my interpretation of information collected from articles I’ve read. I make no claim that any of this information is accurate. My sleep journal articles are nothing more than my writing about my experiences with trying to overcome insomnia and trying to find ways to harness the power of sleep. Any products I review based on my own trial of the products are my own opinion of the products. Any products I write about that are products I have not actually tried myself are based on researching and interpreting information from around the web and then writing about it. Those too are not intended to be represented as facts. Everything herein is based on opinion and interpretation of data. The interpreted data itself may be inaccurate. The interpretation could be entirely off base.