Top 5 Thursday: which MANGO dress has your name on it?


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Sleeveless vermillion red satin bow MANGO dress

MANGO Sleeveless vermillion red satin bow dress
This is a cute little dress that would look great with flat sandals or high heeled sandals alike. We love the sandals the featured model is wearing ( SANDALS STREET C via MANGO, $109.99).

The dress is made from a blend of polyester and viscose. It has a somewhat flowy structure and satiny look. Features a decorative bow at the neck, pleats at the front, keyhole detail and hook fastenings at back.

Comes with a $60 price tag.

Draped wrap sleeveless yellow MANGO dress

Mango yellow sleeveless draped wrap dress

This dress is described on the MANGO website as being lime in color but it looks yellow to us so maybe they meant lemon rather than lime? Lemon is yellow and lime is green. Then again, maybe lime is yellow in the UK. Whatever the case, we love the look of this MANGO dress. We love the color, the wrap detail and the draped effect.

The dress comes with an $80 price tag. Made of 100% polyester.

MANGO navy sleeveless pleated maxi dress

MANGO navy sleevless pleated maxi dress

This pleated navy MANGO dress definitely has our name on it. We love maxi dresses. We love flowy dresses. We love pleats and we love the color navy.

We’d wear this dress with some ballerina flats, flat sandals or cute floral accented flip-flops.

Dress comes with a $150 price tag. Made of 100% polyester. Lining 100% polyester.

JASMIN Pastel yellow Long chiffon MANGO dress


MANGO pastel yellow Long chiffon dress

Another Mango dress that has our name on it. We’d probably pick this over the navy pleated dress if we had to pick one or the other. Why? Because this one’s even more flowy and we love flowy dresses. This one is also longer. The longer the better. And it’s chiffon. Plus it’s a little bit more affordable at $120.00.

MANGO Baguel Red belted sleeveless maxi dress

MANGO red belted sleeveless maxi dress

We know–we’re all about the maxi dresses. But it’s only 3 maxis to 2 minis!

This is a sleeveless maxi dress with a faux-leather belt. It also comes in midnight blue. Made of 100% viscose. Lined with 100% polyester. The belt is 100% polyurethane. Comes with a $100 price tag.

So which MANGO dress has your name on it?

Tell us in the comments.

Want to buy one of these dresses?

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