Givenchy red top 5 from Fall/Winter 2017

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Who’s feeling Givenchy red?

The color red features prominently in the Fall/Winter 2017 Givenchy collection. (No, I am not wearing anything Givenchy red in my featured photo. You know how it is, Givenchy isn’t in the budget **yet. But I was feeling some kinda red this Sunday.)

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My wanted items from the Givenchy red Fall/Winter 2017 collection…

  1. Givenchy Antigona bag
  2. Givenchy red bambi print sweatshirt
  3. Givenchy silk satin ruffled long sleeved blouse
  4. Givenchy Screw Over the Knee red leather Boots
  5. Givenchy Embroidered turkey Feather Bolero

Items available at (link is an affiliate link)

I still love the Givenchy Antigona bag. It’s keeps coming back season after season for a reason. And I’ve been talking about how much I love the bag for a while. You’d think by now I’d be able to afford one, but not yet. I’m not losing any sleep over it though. I still think it’s nuts to spend over $1000 on a bag. And I hope that when I do find myself in the position where it’s not a question of being able to afford to spend over $1000 on a bag, I will make smart choices.

Givenchy red mini antigona bag
Givenchy red mini antigona bag

This Givenchy red antigona bag retails for $1,750. It is made of leather and comes with an optional strap.

Givenchy red Bambi Printed Cotton Sweatshirt
Givenchy red Bambi Printed Cotton Sweatshirt

This bambi print sweatshirt: with a pair of black skinny jeans and stiletto ankle boots. Thinking black for the boots, but if I was feel extra bold maybe red. But not a red that’s as bright as the sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt price: $890

Givenchy red Silk Satin Ruffled Top
Givenchy red Silk Satin Ruffled Top

Blouse price: $2,695

I am developing a love for ruffly silk tops. I would wear this Givenchy blouse with a pair of red Givenchy slim leg trousers and black stiletto ankle boots. A black leather clutch or shoulder bag and a black collar necklace.

Givenchy red Silk Satin Ruffled Top Givenchy Slim Leg Trousers
Givenchy red Silk Satin Ruffled Top Givenchy Slim Leg Trousers

Above look features the Givenchy silk satin ruffled top with a pair of red Givenchy slim leg trousers, a pair of black Givenchy bondage boots, a black BUwood Bumi18 Leather Top Handle Bag, a Gucci Diamantissima Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch, a black Mini Diamond X Leather Choker by EF Collection and Lord & Taylor 14K Two Toned Gold Love Knot Earrings.

Givenchy Screw Over the Knee red leather Boots

These boots come with a $2,595 price tag. Heel height is 4.72 in

Givenchy Embroidered turkey Feather Bolero
Givenchy Embroidered turkey Feather Bolero

Is it an act of animal cruelty to wear a bolero jacket made out of turkey feathers? This turkey feather bolero jacket from Givenchy comes with a $5,555 price tag. I could see wearing it over a black lace bodysuit, the bodysuit paired with black leather skinny jeans. Maybe the red Givenchy over the knee screw boots for the footworks? Or would that be too much red?

So there you have it. My top 5 picks from the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2017 collection. You can shop the collection at (link is an affiliate link)

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