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Power up your fashion game with kale greens

We eat a lot of kale greens, which is to say, we eat a lot of green meals that are based on the kale vegetable. In the mornings we drink our kale greens. Green smoothies are common but we don’t usually make smoothies. We just blend kale with coconut water or with plain water. Since we try to avoid using too much sugar, we don’t frequently blend kale with fruits; but if we do, we’ll blend it with banana and maybe an apple.

Note: Kale blended with water isn’t the best tasting thing you’ll ever drink but it’s pretty amazing in what it can do to get your day off to an energetic start.

How can kale greens help you power up your fashion game?

bunch of kale

We’re not sure if Kale is still an “in” food.  We started eating it because we were looking for something healthy and nutritious to eat that was also versatile. And Kale is definitely healthy, nutritious and versatile. When we’re feeling the munchies we can make a kale greens such as a salad that consists of kale sprinkled with a little salt and a little olive oil. If we happen to have almonds on hand we crush up a few in the blender and sprinkle it over the kale. Sometimes we pop it in the oven and bake it to a crisp. Sometimes we make kale and salmon soup. Sometimes we make a kale and spinach bisque.

Kale is useful for making many tasty dishes. It gives us 133% of our daily requirement of Vitamin A and 134% of our daily requirement of Vitamin C. It also gives us 10% of our calcium, 5% of our iron, 9% of our potassium, 5% of our protein, 10% of Vitamin B-6 and 7% or our magnesium.

Kale greens help to power up our fashion game by providing us with a healthy alternative to snacks that contribute to weight gain. Kale allows us to snack without having to worry about being able to fit into our jeans the next day.

slice of cake on a plate
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While we love a yummy slice of cake as much as the next person, after one too many slices of cake we can’t fit into our skinny jeans. By snacking on a kale instead, we avoid the not so figure friendly ingredients in the slice of cake.

Kale on cucumber slice with avocado

kale on cucumber slice with peanut butter spread and avocado

Just a thin layer of peanut butter equivalent to about 1/2 teaspoon spread on a slice of cucumber layered with about 1 tablespoon of smashed avocado on a piece of kale leaf makes a delicious, figure friendly snack.

Is kale a part of your healthy diet?

Share your kale stories and recipes in the comments below.

Not on the kale bandwagon yet? Jump on and try this amazing leafy vegetable. We recommend you keep a fresh bunch of young kale on hand so you can power up your fashion game with kale greens.

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