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It only seems like you’re the only girl in the world who doesn’t have a Chanel bag. In reality you are one of many. Chanel bags are expensive. Some might say they are way overpriced for being just bags. But you know how it is when it comes to designer goods. We know it’s nuts to even think about spending that kind of money on material objects that add no real value to our spiritual lives. But we buy into the idea that these things are awesome things that will enhance our lives in some necessary way. So if we have the money we spend it to obtain these things despite knowing the price is ridiculous.Chanel red lambskin flap bag

Certainly this vintage quilted red lambskin Chanel 2.55 shoulder bag is a nice bag. But we’ll need to win the lottery first before we can afford the $5,415 price tag.

Chanel Red Gripoix Rope Border Cuff bracelet

Chanel Red Gripoix Rope Border Cuff
Image via

Slip-on vintage Chanel cuff. Gold base metal; red resin stones. Price tag $2,300. Wonder if by gold base metal it’s meant this cuff bracelet is a gold-plated base metal or gold filled metal?

One wonders sometimes at the prices of some designer jewelry that is described as gold-tone or that is otherwise not solid gold. The above bracelet is pretty; but for $2300 would you not want to have a solid gold bracelet? We’re just wondering…

Chanel Red Gripoix CC Orb Earring

Chanel Red Gripoix CC Orb Earring
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Gorgeous vintage Chanel clip-on earrings featuring signature Chanel logo in an orb shape suspended from a gripoix base. Price tag: $1,205

We certainly won’t argue with anyone who suggests that just for making things that are so much nicer than average, brands like Chanel are justified in pricing their stuff so only rich ladies can afford them.

Chanel Red Lamb Flat CC Tote

Chanel Red Lamb Flat CC Tote
Image via

Love this Chanel tote bag. Vintage snap-closure red lambskin leather with embossed Chanel logo and classic double leather and chain shoulder straps.  Comes with a $3,830 price tag.

Chanel Red Stones Cuff

Chanel Red Stones Cuff
Image via

Slip-on vintage Chanel cuff bracelet. Gold base metal with red gripoix stones and Chanel lettering. Comes with a $2,570 price tag.

Which is your favorite vintage Chanel piece?

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