What’s with the tongue sticking out selfie pose?

Monica Sunday March 26 2017 in the burgundy dress tongue sticking out selfie
Monica Sunday March 26 2017 in the burgundy dress tongue sticking out selfie – yes, this is just a background image that I’m using to make it look like I took my picture someplace nice

When I’m trying to loosen up in order to get better pictures I stick my tongue out a lot. I don’t stick my tongue out by unnatural force. It just happens when I’m trying to be playful and make faces. I’m always the only one in the room taking pictures (with my phone and with my camera setup on a tripod), and that’s really the only time I get to be myself. When no one’s watching and making me uncomfortable with their judgemental eyes, I can smile and laugh freely. And my tongue does get stuck out quite a bit. But I always keep those tongue sticking out selfie pictures private, because I know what people will think when they see a woman like me posing with her tongue sticking out:

  • Who is she even trying to be?
  • Girl, pull your tongue back in your mouth you look ridiculous
  • Girl, stop trying to act like you’re fifteen when you’re old enough to be the grandmother of a fifteen year old (not technically but…)
  • Girl, don’t ever make that face you look stupid AF
  • How embarrassing! Aren’t you embarrassed by your trifling self? I’m embarrassed for you…

I could keep going with that list but you get the gist.

In defense of sticking your tongue out when taking selfies…

The tongue sticking out selfie can help you if you find it hard to relax and smile when taking selfies or being otherwise photographed

To any shy girls out there who can’t ever get a nice picture because they just can’t relax once a camera is in their face, try making faces and taking some tongue sticking out selfie pics to help yourself loosen up. Open your mouth wide and smile big to force away your self consciousness. Never mind what people think about it. If they think you look stupid, if they think your teeth are ugly, if they think you’re ugly, let them think what they want. Just try to relax and have fun.  You might be surprised that in the process you will learn to love and value yourself and celebrate everything that makes you who you (truly) are.

monica in the burgundy dress sunday March 26 2017 h-o-w
monica in the burgundy dress sunday March 26 2017 (This photo was taken in my bedroom against a white backdrop. The background you see was photoshopped in place. The image was found via pixabay.com)

The burgundy dress…

The burgundy dress that I’m wearing is the dress I purchased from Macys Nordstromrack back in February. I wrote about the purchase here and I followed up with a tryon post here. It’s a cute little dress. I haven’t actually worn it to go anywhere yet. For these pictures I styled it with the floral pumps I purchased from Justfab last year.

And how do you like my fake magazine cover?

monica in the burgundy dress on fake magazine cover
monica in the burgundy dress on fake magazine cover

On discovering your true passions late in life…

For most of this year I have been working on an album. It’s been fun at times, not so fun at other times. I’m writing and singing my own songs. The song writing part has been the fun part. The singing, well, let’s just say my singing isn’t particularly great and I’ll be the first to admit it. But I want to sing my own songs. It’s not that I want to be a singer. Singing is not my passion. My passion is creating songs. And I know I could try to write songs for other people to sing; but that’s a tough business to break into. Besides that, when other people sing your song it’s not really your song is it? People associate the song with the person who sings it. They don’t associate it with the person who wrote it. So for those reasons, I am choosing to sing my own songs even though I’m not that good at singing.

I’ve been back and forth since February trying to get song #1 finished. I got the master back today and I think it is as finished as it’s going to be at this point. Thanks to the Counsel (they know who they are). I promise that I will keep fighting to get this done and that I will do whatever it takes within my power to finish what I’ve started.  I value your support and your guidance.


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