Styling with #Macys #Energie black long sleeve top

black long sleeve top black black rosette skirt

I recently purchased this #Energie black long sleeve top from #Macys. The Energie Juniors’ Judy Shimmer Layering Top was on clearance sale, and I was looking for a black long sleeve top, so I bought it even though I’m not any where close to being a “Junior”. black long sleeve top black black rosette skirt

Today I decided to have a little fun playing with some outfit ideas for the top. These outfits that I put together are just for fun and dress-up play. I wouldn’t actually dress like this to go out. Not the skirt outfits anyway. Maybe the DL1961 jeans outfit with a jacket. But the rosette skirt is way too short and the outfit is over-the-top showy. And the polka dot skirt is too 80s teeny bopper. In fact, the polka dot skirt is from “The Children’s Place”. I picked it up from the thrift store last year not realizing it was a little girl’s skirt.

About the top – it’s a fitted pullover top with allover shimmer, designed for layering (or wearing along). Design features include long sleeves, scoop neckline.  Material is a mix of cotton and spandex.

You’ll find it in the Junior’s section at Macys.

With the polka dot skirt…

black long sleeve top black polka dot tulle hem skirt

I think this look is cute, but Christie Brinkley is probably the only over 35 year old woman who could get away with wearing it. The rest of us would have people in our face criticizing us for not dressing our age, and accusing us of trying too hard to look young.

The black long sleeve top With the DL1961 Instasculpt coated skinny jeans

black long sleeve top black dl1961 instasculpt coated skinny jeans

Last year I was lucky enough to receive an offer to try a pair of jeans from the brand DL1961. I picked their black instasculpt coated skinny jeans because I’d been wanting a pair of leather look jeans. I absolutely love these jeans, but I do think they look better on me when I’m a little fuller than I am right now.

Like the Energie black long sleeve top?

Visit Macy’s online to check if the top is still available. It is regularly priced at $16.

My rating for this top is a 4.0. There’s little if anything to complain about. It’s a simple black long sleeve top with a gold glittery aspect. It’s closely fitted. The sleeves are long and narrow (probably a little too narrow at the wrist). Not a spring or summer top I would say (unless very early spring and very late summer).


Energie Black long sleeve top
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styling-macys-energie-black-long-sleeve-topNice fitting top that is a decent quality for the price point. Comfortable enough. Cute and fun.


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