Loving this gorgeous crystal embellished pink Jimmy Choo clutch

Hello you beautiful crystal embellished pink Jimmy Choo clutch! Too bad you cost $2,750 or we would so buy you this very minute!

Crystal embellished pink Jimmy Choo Lockett minaudiere clutch

This Jimmy Choo Lockett minaudiere clutch is available for purchase via mytheresa.com. It’s described as a “compact box clutch” that’s “crafted in pretty pink with gold-tone hardware for a glamorous finish”.

We came across this pink Jimmy Choo clutch while browsing on the mytheresa.com website looking for something to spark our interest. Sometimes fashion gets boring and you browse page after page of merchandise and nothing stirs your shopping impulse. That’s kind of what was happening earlier while we were browsing. Nothing was catching our attention and making us want to buy it. Then we saw this pink Jimmy Choo clutch (buy it here).

Crystal embellished pink Jimmy Choo clutch

Maybe it’s the pretty pink. Maybe it’s the crystals. Or maybe it’s both the pretty pink and the crystals along with the gold wrist strap. We just love this clutch; but the price tag is way out of our affordable budget. Just can’t seem to get to that point where we can afford a $2,750 bag. What about you?

What do you think of this pink Jimmy Choo clutch?

pink Crystal embellished Jimmy Choo clutch

Of course all we’re seeing of this clutch is how it looks in the pictures on the mytheresa.com website. We’re assuming that in person it looks the same as in the pictures but sometimes that doesn’t turn out to be the case. Maybe the pink is darker than it looks on our screen. Maybe the crystals are duller than they appear? Who knows? But we want to imagine merchandise that come with such exorbitant price tags surprise you for the better in person than for the worse. So we’re assuming the bag looks even more magnificent in person than in the pictures. Why wouldn’t it?

How would you style this Jimmy Choo clutch?

Jimmy Choo crystal embellished clutch outfit idea

Our outfit idea uses the Jimmy Choo clutch to accessorize a pink Marni Wool and Cotton-Blend Skirt paired with a lilac/lavender Vilshenko Rose Textured Peasant Top adorned with a yellow leather Marni fringe necklace. Other accessories include purple hoop earrings, a yellow bangle bracelet and a lilac bracelet. For footwear: yellow Christian Louboutin pumps.



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