Wondering how an orange dress looks with yellow shoes? I put together an orange dress yellow thigh high boots look for a pretend photo session yesterday. In case you have arrived here specifically trying to see some examples of how an orange dress looks with yellow shoes, I hope this gives you an idea. It’s not meant to be taken for style advice or suggestions on what to wear. It is only meant to give a visual answer to the question “How does an orange dress look with yellow shoes”. Needless to say, how an orange dress looks with yellow shoes really depends on the dress and the shoes and how you accessorize your look. And most importantly on how you think it looks. How I think your outfit looks makes no difference if you like it.

orange dress yellow steve madden thigh high boots5

This look is admittedly cheap and basic. I’m sure someone else could take the same pieces I’ve selected and make them look more interesting. I’m a grab it and throw it on kind of dresser. I don’t spend a whole lot of time putting outfits together to try to achieve a particular look. I also don’t need anything elaborate and fancy to wear generally. A cheap and basic dress works just fine for me. This doesn’t mean that if someone let me loose in a high end boutique and told me I could take whatever I wanted I wasn’t going to be like a candy loving kid let loose in a candy store. It would be nice to be able to get my hands on some more interesting clothes. But for now I wear what I’ve got, which is what I can afford.

I wish I had additional pairs of yellow shoes to use for illustrating how an orange dress looks with yellow shoes.

But the yellow Steve Madden thigh high boots that I’m wearing here are the only pair of yellow shoes I own.

Where does one wear an outfit like this?

I’d be intrigued to see someone take this outfit to the streets. I think if you are someone with a high level of confidence you could wear this outfit where ever you choose to wear it. Because your confidence makes it so you can wear anything to go anywhere.

To be entirely honest, this outfit came about because I’m unable to buy anything new right now due to having no funds. So I had to try to think of an angle for a look so that I could still get a post and video done using what’s in my closet, which isn’t much in terms of quantity and quality.

orange dress yellow steve madden thigh high boots 7

Outside of wearing this outfit to illustrate a blog post, I would not wear this look to go out in public myself except as an experiment to challenge myself to grow my courage and gain experience practicing not caring who thinks what about what I wear. I like bold bright colors but I do think that mixing bold bright colors takes a little bit more of a keen sense of style than I personally possess. I definitely think you can make an orange dress yellow shoes look work. But you’d probably want to be a little bit more creative than this.

If you google orange dress yellow shoes you’ll come across examples of how to pair these two colors and get admiring looks instead of the kind of look I would certainly attract were I to venture out into public in this outfit.

orange dress yellow steve madden thigh high boots 2

Not that is should matter what anyone thinks about what you wear. If you like how you look, that’s all that matters.

The dress that I’m wearing I purchased from Amazon last September. You can find it via this affiliate link

The boots were also purchased from Amazon. They are the Steve Madden boots featured in the post “Fashionnova yellow lace romper with yellow thigh high boots”

That’s all for now. Check out the short little video of me wearing the outfit outside on the front and back porch at home. If you can’t see the video, click the button to watch it on YouTube. Thanks for reading and watching.

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