My clothes are cheap and it’s not because I’m frugal. It’s because I don’t have money to afford expensive things. Fortunately for me, I’m not usually preoccupied with wanting this or that thing. I don’t value things a great deal, and as far as my cheap clothes are concerned, it doesn’t usually occur to me until somebody else makes a comment that the fact my clothes are cheap matters in any way. Because to me clothes are clothes. Are some things more interesting than others? Naturally, but I’m not going to be impressed by a dress just because it comes with a $10000 price tag and unimpressed with another because it costs $10.

Who keeps a Forever 21 $12.90 dress for 4 years Camel rib knit body con long sleeved mini dress2

My cheap clothes are usually kept and worn for as many years as they hold up. In the case of this $12.90 Forever 21 camel rib-knit mini body con dress, I purchased it in 2017 and here it is 2022. I pulled it out and used it in my pretend modeling photo session earlier this week. It’s a wee bit tighter now than when I first purchased it, but I figure a body conscious dress can be a little tight right?

Who keeps a Forever 21 $12.90 dress for 4 years Camel rib knit body con long sleeved mini dress

How long can you keep and wear cheap clothes?

I suspect the answer to this question will come down to the individual. Speaking for myself, most of the items in my closet are years old. I think they stay wearable for a while because I don’t wear them very often due to my life being uneventful and spent primarily at home wearing “home clothes”.

I have no issues with wearing cheap clothes. I’m not here to pretend or to try to keep up with anyone. I just want to represent the idea that it’s okay to be who you are. If you don’t have money and you don’t have the nicest clothes but you want to take pictures of yourself in your clothes and make videos of yourself pretend modeling in your clothes, do it. Don’t be afraid of what anyone is going to think or say. It really doesn’t matter. Just live your life.

How I styled my $12.90 Forever 21 camel long sleeved mini body con dress

I cinched my waist with a broad Fashionnova belt. You probably shouldn’t cinch your waist so tight that it makes adipose tissue ripple and fold over, but it’s really not as tight as it looks.

I donned gold costume jewelry accessories. A gold choker necklace, my mothers gold costume bangles and some gold dangle earrings.

I wore the boots featured in “Fashionnova nude thigh high over the knee boots

And I wore a ridiculously long braid because it was fun. Because life is short and I don’t want to spend the rest of mine deciding what to do or not do based on what I fear other people might think about my choices.


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