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Rosie Assoulin Resort 2016 – what we want…

This gorgeous pic from the @rosie_assoulin Instagram page makes the ‘Ice Ice Baby’ cuff bracelet look more than worth it’s $595 price tag.

We almost skipped over the cuff while browsing through the Moda Operandi Rosie Assoulin Resort 2016 showcase. Then we swung by the Rosie Assoulin instagram page and saw it there. Now we’re totally in love.

But, as has been the case most of the time we’ve fallen in love, we’re setting our sights on something we cannot have.

This bracelet is a slip-on cuff bracelet. It’s made of brass and features a big ice cube shape glass gem.

Like we said, it’s $595. So it’s going on the already War & Peace book length wish list we’ve been compiling for several years.

It also comes in white and also has matching neck accessory.

Rosie Assoulin Black Ice Ice Baby necklace
Image via Instagram – A photo posted by rosie_assoulin (@rosie_assoulin) on Jun 15, 2015 at 6:52am PDT – Captioned: Plus you can even preorder the “ice ice baby” necklace and cuff!

Like the black ‘Ice Ice Baby’ bracelet, the choker is made of brass and features a large glass gem that resembles an ice cube. Comes with a $695 price tag. Also comes in white.

More from Rosie Assoulin Resort 2016…

Rosie Assoulin Bermuda Shorts

Rosie Assoulin Bermuda Shorts
Image via Moda Operandi

Okay, listen. We like these shorts. They’re really nice (in our opinion). And we totally get it. Nice things cost money. But come on with the price on these!

Yes, we know–the Rosie Assoulin brand is for people with money. And people with money don’t fret over the price tag of something if they like it. They like these Bermuda shorts they’re going to buy these Bermuda shorts without a second thought to the $995 price tag. But we have to say, much as we love the look of these shorts, $995 seems a little high for cotton shorts.

Rosie Assoulin Parachute Taffeta High Garden Gown

Rosie Assoulin Parachute Taffeta High Garden GownAs you can imagine, if the Bermuda shorts cost $995, this dress is going to be super expensive. Like $3,295 expensive. But it’s a gorgeous dress.

We love the bright pink color, the floor-sweeping length, the delicate spaghetti straps, and the fact that it has pockets. Material is silk taffeta.

Rosie Assoulin Classic Cotton French Cuff Button Down

 Rosie Assoulin Classic Cotton French Cuff Button Down

A girl can never have too many classic white cotton button down shirts in her closet. Well, maybe there does come a point when you can go a little overboard. But certainly having a few nice white button down shirts to choose from is a good idea.

This long sleeve Rosie Assoulin white button down shirt is made of cotton and features a pointed collar and French cuffs. Comes with a $695 price tag.

Shop Rosie Assoulin at Moda Operandi

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