Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge perfume ad

Kendal Jenner Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge perfume ad
The Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder collaboration is paying dividends for Kendall Jenner. We can’t say about Estee Lauder. We haven’t seen any official numbers. But we imagine it must be paying dividends for them as well.

Was it Karl Lagerfeld who was quoted a while back saying Kendall is the girl of the moment?

Seems like Kendall’s been the girl of the moment for a long minute. And she’s still riding quite the wave.

Kendall recently announced via her Instagram page that her first Estee Lauder ad was out. So we swung by the Estee Lauder site to check it out.

On the way over to we came across headline after headline calling Kendall “red hot” in her new Estee Lauder perfume ad.

Whether people like it or not, Kendall continues to make her mark.

Check out the ad for yourself and tell us if you agree.

We have to say (and if we were Estee Lauder this should concern us) – we were more sold on the sexy patent red stilettos, the sexy red pant suit and the vibrant red lipstick than on the product that the ad is supposed to be trying to get us to buy. We think there’s a risk girls will come away just feeling like they wish they could be as lucky as Kendall and wanting to try to imitate her look more than they will be wanting to buy the Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau de Parfum Spray. But we could be wrong.

Our impression of the Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge perfume ad

Kendal Jenner Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge perfume ad red stilettos
Image captured from youtube vidoe – Modern Muse Le Rouge Featuring Kendall Jenner | Estée Lauder

Kendall looks amazing. And she definitely has the gawk factor. So you would think that would make collaborating with Kendall a genius decision on the part of Estee Lauder; but are they trying to get their perfume sold or are they just trying to show off Kendall?

The product Kendall is advertising

Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau de Parfum Spray
Image via

In the ad you see the perfume just once with Kendall spritzing some on at a time when a woman is unlikely to stop in the middle of her tracks to spritz on perfume. Everything else is just about Kendall. She’s beautiful. She’s sexy. She’s young. She’s hot. She’s confident. We’re guessing what we’re supposed to think is, here’s a beautiful, confident girl who has everything AND she wears Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau de Parfum Spray. So if you want to be like her then you too should use this perfume.

Come to think of it, the way the average consumer’s mind works, this might be all that’s needed to sell the perfume, is to show Kendall spritzing some on while looking gorgeous.

Our conclusion?

Kendall looks fabulous; but if you’re not paying attention you could miss the fact that the ad is about perfume.

What are your thoughts?

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