First let me say that although I haven’t been posting an update for every day of my #30days to a more fulfilling life mission, I have remained on the mission up to this point. I’ve gotten so much more done since I started than I’ve been able to get done in a while. And I think it is because I have been in a “do more think less” frame of mind.

Yesterday, instead of thinking about cleaning my apartment, I got up and did it. You might be thinking to yourself that cleaning an apartment isn’t exactly something that would qualify as fulfilling; but yesterday was a very fulfilling day for me. I usually clean in patches. And by the time I get around to thinking about cleaning patch 2, patch 1 is a mess again. So I have to start over at patch 1, and I just never get past that point.  I’ll keep saying I have to give the place a thorough cleaning but I never get up and get busy doing the activity. Well yesterday, I got up and got busy doing instead of sitting around talking about doing. I set a goal to clean my office area and I ended up cleaning the entire downstairs of the two-level townhouse apartment that I rent. So I accomplished my goal and then some. And it felt great to sit down at the end of the day and drink a nice cup of tea with a satisfied feeling of having taken on the day and conquered it.

do more think less

Today the apartment is nice and clean and everyone seems to be in a brighter sunnier mood. A clean home really does contribute to better mental and emotional health, not to mention physical. You need clean air to breathe. So yesterday was definitely a very fulfilling day for me and today is off to a great start. I haven’t just been sitting at the computer “thinking” about money and business and frustrated ambitions. I’ve been dedicating more time to activity that requires getting up from the computer and using my hands for other purposes than to type.

The do more think less road to self fulfillment

Since starting this 30 day mission to live a more fulfilling life, I’ve spent a lot more time away from the computer. I’ve gotten things done that I’d been thinking about doing for a while but just could never make myself get up and do. Thinking has it’s value, but life rewards action. It doesn’t matter how insignificant the goal. You won’t accomplish what you want to accomplish in life by sitting around thinking about doing it. You’ll accomplish your goals by doing things (taking actions) that result in their achievement. I know that seems obvious; but many of us make plans that we never follow through on with action. We think and talk all the time about the things we’d like to do. But we don’t get up and take action to try to get those things done. Sometimes it’s because we’re afraid. Sometimes it’s because we don’t want to do the work that’s going to be involved. Whatever the reason we get in a comfort zone of just thinking about doing things but never actually trying to get them done. We convince ourselves of reasons why they cannot be done in order to justify never bothering to try to do them.

Life is a lot easier to appreciate when you’re living it than when you’re sitting thinking how you wish you had a better life. There are many simple little things you can do to improve your life right now. You don’t have to sit and wait and hope for a miraculous windfall to change your life for the better. You already have the most important tools you need.


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