Reversible tank top two-tone stone Mango
Available for purchase is this reversible tank — a top two-tone stone irregular cut tank style top that’s great to wear with blue jeans.

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A Reversible tank top two-tone stone Tale

I’m a reversible tank top. A two-tone stone reversible tank top. You can buy me at ““. I have a wide scoop neck both in the back and the front. I also come in marron which is a kind of chestnut color. In fact last I checked only the marron version of me was available. All the stone were sold out but you know how it is they could get more stone so if you particularly like the stone version of me you can still check to see if it’s back in stock. You could be in luck.

I like me better than I like the marron but I’m supposed to like me better than I like something else. The marron will like itself better than it likes me. That’s how it’s supposed to work. You’re not supposed to want to be someone else. You’re supposed to love yourself and think the most and the best of yourself and be glad you’re you while not thinking you’re better than something different. You’re just different and you love what makes you different and the different stuff love what makes them different and everybody’s happy and nobody is jealous of anybody and the world is a happy place with happy people who love themselves and respect everybody else.

I kind of think though that the marron should have been called chestnut or better yet brown but I know how it is with these designers that name us. They like to try to come up with more interesting names but I think the people that buy us and wear us prefer not to be confused. Like me I’m beige or maybe cream but they called me stone.

FYI a marron is a type of freshwater crayfish from Western Australia. Have you ever seen crayfish? Check this out (crayfish photo),. Gross right?

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