Who’s wearing a red turtleneck sweater today?

I’m not wearing a red turtleneck sweater today, but I was wearing one a few day ago and I took a few selfies because that’s what I do to keep myself alive. I take selfies to stay alive. I know that sounds ridiculous. And if you take my words literally then it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

monica red turtleneck sweater february 4 2018
monica red turtleneck sweater february 4 2018

This is an old red turtleneck sweater, I purchased it from Macy’s either last year or the year before last, I can’t be quite sure. You can see that it’s got a few years on it, just like the person wearing it. But just because something is old does not mean it has no use.

The day I took this photo I was struggling to control a higher level of anxiety and depression. The brief moment spent taking a few selfies helped tremendously to take my focus away from the things that were causing me to feel anguish and despair.

Here I am wearing the same red turtleneck sweater back in March of last year…

The pretend #life #fashion #beauty #redlips #redsweater – new post in progress…

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It’s shrunken a good bit, but it’s still a comfortable fit. I guess most of you would have already thrown it out by now given it’s older than a year and looks worn, but I don’t have a habit for throwing out my clothes because they’re a year old. I have things in my closet that are more than a few years old.

What’s special about this red turtleneck sweater?

There’s nothing special about this red turtleneck sweater. I just needed something to write a post about. This sweater came with a price tag under $20. I have the same sweater in black and one in blue.

So, how are you all doing today? Anyone wore a red turtleneck sweater today, or wore one this week? (Note: if you an earth reader, I bet you think I’m crazy to be always talking to myself on this blog. You’ve noticed no one ever responds and you wonder when I will take the hint right? But I like to imagine that I have an audience of spirits who enjoy my blog and who support me in all my endeavors and who respond in spirit. I write for myself and for them.





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